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Many managers, investors, and developers wonder how to write business e-mails correctly. Most of them work in successful companies or plan to start new businesses. Therefore, the knowledge on how to write business letters or how to organize a business email structure is vitally important for them.

Communication is a particularly important aspect in a business world that should not be underestimated. By means of letters, colleagues pass important information to each other, managers contact their clients, and even find potential partners. Very often, a person can create good or bad impression about him/herself by just sending a business letter.

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Business letters are usually evaluated not for the grammar, though it is also very important, but for their content.

The following article will help you understand the essentials of business email structure so that you could succeed in business communication without extra efforts. Comparing to social media posts, business communication is much more meaningful and focused. 

Learn More about Business Email Structure

The following tips will help you organize your business email properly:

  • Develop a template in a corporate style and determine the types and forms of business correspondence as it will give your letters certain formality. Always keep in mind that your letter can be read on a mobile device, so you need to optimize your corporate template according to the relevant requirements. Official emails do not have to be creative. Thus, try to focus mainly on the goal of the letter. Try to follow the rule “one letter – one portion of information.” Sending a few e-mails on the same topic within a few minutes is not quite professional. Do not experiment with the fonts; choose a well-readable one avoiding fragments of text in small print. Using standard fonts is the best solution.
  • Always say “hello” in the text of the letter. If your letter is a response to another letter, mention it at the very beginning. If the information in your letter is of particular importance - mark it with a special “flag”. Nobody likes to read long letters so try to put your information in one-two meaningful paragraphs. According to the rules of e-mail correspondence, in one letter, the whole essence of the problem can be summarized in 6-7 sentences. It is undesirable to specify several phone numbers and email addresses so you need to leave only those contacts to which you answer directly. 

Email Structure Format. Follow the Steps!

According to the common email structure, any business e-mail consists of five parts, which are as follows:

  1. Begin with the appropriate greeting, which depends on how well you know the recipient. However, even if the recipient is your close friend, you need to avoid familiarity in business correspondence. 

For example:

Hello Mr. Bells,

I hope this message finds you well. Merry Christmas to you and your team (or family if the e-mail is more personal).

  1. Identify the purpose of the current e-mail. We assure you that the structure of your letter depends mainly on its purpose. You are free to mention how and where did you connect with the recipient (maybe you worked together or have met each other at the exhibition). If you are replying to the previous e-mail, be sure to reference the previous message.

For example: 

The purpose of the current e-mail is to make a follow-up to the conversation we had on the last Friday meeting. We have discussed the plan of sales increasing, and I just wanted to share my opinion about the recent program.

  1. After providing a recipient with background information, cover up your topic using clear and concise language. When talking about some important things, do not forget to support your statements with strong evidence.

For example: 

No doubt, raising sales is one of the top priorities for our company. However, I believe that the program that was released recently has a few important flaws that should be taken into serious consideration. As an executive director, you have the right to review it and fix some controversial places, which are as following: 

  1. Finally, summarize your letter with two-three meaningful sentences.

For example:

I am sure that by uniting our efforts, we will be able to make a difference in the competitive environment offering a high-quality product to our customers. I am looking to hearing your opinion on this matter. Have a great day!

  1. The conclusion is always followed by a signature. The common phrase, which is appropriate for any business e-mail is “Best regards.”

For example:

Best regards,

John Linn | Top Manager | Bradley Inc. | 816-359 – 1881 | Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter | Watch us on YouTube

Some people may call the business email structure mentioned above old-fashioned, but it is correct and very convenient. Overall, this structure of an email performs its primary purpose – to facilitate communication in a business world.

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