Are you searching for the good synthesis essay topics? Search no more! Our creative writers have done a great list of synthesis essay topics and divided it into several categories for your convenience. Indeed, a synthesis essay is a common task that is assigned in many educational institutions since it is a great tool for checking the student`s writing and research skills, we well as the ability to cope with the tight deadlines. Such an essay requires synthesizing information and presenting it in a clear and logical manner. This essay should be informative and concise and should contain only relevant information. Undoubtedly, in order to write such an essay, the student should possess a specific set of skills and competencies. However, the right choice of the topic is also an important part of the writing process. If you are not limited by the certain list of synthesis essay topics given by your professor, we suggest you use your imagination and create the one that seems interesting and intriguing to you. Whenever you lack inspiration, you can easily choose something from the list of creative synthesis essay topics brainstormed by our skilled experts for the students like you. We assure you that when creating this list, we were guided by the major academic standards, as well as common requirements of professors in high schools, colleges, and universities. 

How to Select the Topic to Get the Best Grade?

Many professors either assign a specific topic to you or allow you to choose it from their list that has not so many alternatives. However, there are professors with the progressive approach to work, who encourage students to use their analytical and creative skills. Whereas some students are happy because they can work on their favorite topic, others consider it as a great challenge. Indeed, having no limitations, it is rather difficult to focus attention on one particular topic. If you do not know what is a good topic for a synthesis essay, we suggest you keep in mind the following secrets:

  • The topic should sound interesting to the writer

Although quite simple, this secret is truly effective. Undoubtedly, you will never make your essay interesting to your reader if it does not seem interesting to you. Obviously, students working on an interesting topic will more likely spend their time on academic research.

  • The topic should not be too general

We assure you that the topics about drug abuse, global warming, the death penalty, technology, corruption, social media, etc. are too broad for writing a short five-paragraph essay. As such, if you want to write an essay about global warming, we recommend you to focus on its particular aspect. The shorter the length of the paper is – the more focused it should be.

  • Your topic should be negotiable

Apart from being interesting to you and your reader, your topic should be appropriate for research. There are many topics that are still unchangeable and you won`t introduce new information taking it for your paper. As such, we highly recommend you to choose the topics that have the potential to research and options for negotiable improvement. 

  • Your topic should be debatable

Keep in mind that the most effective synthesis essay topics make people agree or disagree with the writer`s rationale. When the agreement on the writer`s position achieved, it will be very difficult to make this topic appealing to the reader. 

If you still hesitate and do not know which topic will bring you academic success, we are here to solve all your problems. We suggest you look through the following list and choose the topic that fully meets your preferences. 

The Best Synthesis Essay Topics 

Considering the criteria mentioned above, we have developed the list of effective synthesis essay topics. 

Topics on Social Media

  1. Do Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks make people more social or lonelier?
  2. How Instagram influences the preferences of young people? Explain the instruments that allow Instagram to set the beauty standards among teenagers?
  3. How did social media tools influence the profession of a journalist?
  4. How did social media change dating habits? Provide relevant examples.
  5. Explain your position on stereotypes promotion with the help of Instagram.
  6. Explain the popularity of online communities. Do they help people feel more confident?
  7. Do you believe that YouTube influences the watching habits of young people?
  8. Topics on Global Warming
  9. How global warming threatens the population of islands?
  10. What effects does global warming have on flora and fauna in Africa?
  11. Do you believe that the use of fossil fuels contributes to global warming? Explain your rationale.
  12. How did climate change influence human lifespan within the last 50 years?
  13. Discuss the effects of global warming on marine species extension.
  14. Explain how air pollution contributed to global warming.
  15. What tools and techniques should be implemented by the US government in order to address the issue of global warming?
  16. Do you believe that the American lifestyle contributes to global warming? Explain your answer

Topics on Education

  1. Should college athletes be paid for their successful performance?
  2. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of wearing the dress code in schools.
  3. Do you agree that high education should be free for everyone?
  4. How do racial stereotypes influence admission procedures?
  5. Do you agree that students should have the rights to direct their education?
  6. Agree or disagree on the statement that the size of the classes influences the students` performance.
  7. How technology can benefit the traditional classroom?
  8. Do you agree that the availability of distant education reduces the number of students on campus?

Topics on Society

  1. Can a college education be avoided? It is a necessity in the context of the existing employment procedures?
  2. How should the legislators deal with the representatives of minority groups, who refuse to conform to behavior patterns existing in society?
  3. Do you agree that national security concerns approve the transformation of the USA into a surveillance community?
  4. Explain how modern workplace influences the behavior of minority workers?
  5. Should legislators make production and sale of tobacco products legal?
  6. Should parents protect their children from watching violent movies?
  7. Explain whether voting should be obligatory in the United States?

Topics on Health and Medicine

  1. Should all US citizens have equal access to high-quality medical services?
  2. Evaluate the level of sustainability of the contemporary healthcare system in the USA.
  3. Do you agree that insurance should also cover alternative medicine?
  4. Explain the relation between poverty and child`s health.
  5. Can everyday physical work improve human health and help the individual avoid visiting a doctor?
  6. Do you agree that testing drugs on animals should be forbidden?
  7. Express your position on human cloning. Explain the issue from biological and ethical perspectives. 

Topics on Morality and Ethics

  1. Do you share the viewpoint that people cannot be happier by accumulating more money on their bank accounts?
  2. What control do the people have over their fates?
  3. Do you agree that condemned felons should not have the right to vote?
  4. Consider the role of talent and hard work on the human way to success.
  5. Nature vs. nurture. Explain your position.
  6. Do you support the statement that all circuses should be animal-free? What is your position regarding animal exploitation?
  7. When buying your clothes, do you think about the working conditions of people, who made it?

Topics on Literature and Art

  1. Do you agree that graffiti cannot be considered as artwork?
  2. Explain the importance of musical training during the educational process.
  3. What is the difference between truth and fiction? Explain the popularity of movies based on real events.
  4. Do you consider commercials as art or just annoying objects?
  5. Do you believe that fiction promotes the progress or you opine that it distracts people from environmental and social problems that need to be solved in the shortest time possible?
  6. Discuss the tendencies that have the greatest impact on the development of cinematography.
  7. Do you believe that electronic databases are good alternatives to classic libraries?
  8. Explain the role that art plays in the life of every person.
  9. Can graphic videos be considered as the artworks?

Topics on Culture, American Dream and Immigration

  1. Explain the role of the American Dream in traditional American culture.
  2. Do you agree that illegal immigrants pose a threat to US economics by limiting the employment opportunities for native US citizens?
  3. Discuss the ways in which the US legislators can limit illegal immigration?
  4. Is the American Dream always justified? Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of this concept.
  5. Do you agree that the US schools should promote racial diversity among staff in order to create a culturally diverse environment in classrooms?
  6. Explain how popular body standards influence the behavior of minority children.
  7. Do you agree with the viewpoint that culture promotes inequality in US society?

Topics on Justice and Law

  1. Should the people treat the US Constitution as a living document or interpret it literally?
  2. What do you think about the legalization of prostitution? Explain your position.
  3. Do you agree that poor people are more likely to end up in prison than the wealthy ones?
  4. How do you suggest to solve the problem of overcrowding of prison?
  5. What is your position regarding the major representation of African American males in the US justice system?
  6. Do you believe that the cases of domestic violence should be taken under stricter control?