You have got a new assignment to write. From the first sight, it seems to you that writing an all about me essay will be as easy as winking. Who finds it difficult to compose a personal essay? Not me! However, when you start working on your reflective paper, you will see that you start sounding selfish and too flowery in your descriptions. You used to think that writing about your personal qualities is as easy as ABC but now you cannot say that. Besides, in spite of a free form of such assignments, there are still particular standards that you have to adhere. For example, you have to keep to a formal writing style even when you write about yourself.

Let us have a look at the fundamental principles of writing to be effective in academic writing in general and this specific type in particular.

How to Make a Personal Essay Unique and Impressive

From our professional experience, we can claim that there are valuable hints that make the process of personal writing easier and more effective.

  • First of all, try to collect all your memories about your personal life, challenges you had to overcome, and victories you have made. It is important to let your readers know what your life really is as your description will enable them to view you as a personality.
  • Secondly, deviate from your personal feelings and emotions and focus on your education experience. It does not sound right to reflect on your latest music gig or wedding ceremony. It will be more appropriate to concentrate on the things you could learn at school and the person who is your source of inspiration in your ambitious plans. You are right, an all about me essay revolves around your deeds and achievements, but trivial phrases at the beginning can spoil everything. Instead, make up an intriguing question or remember some funny joke or relevant quote that can give an interesting start that will soon develop and then get concluded in the end.
  • Thirdly, it is reasonable to let others evaluate your personality as well as the style of your writing before you give your essay to the instructor. Ask somebody of your family to look through the final and take their point of view into account while revising.
  • Finally, it is better not to touch upon such sensitive topics as your gender, level of income, religious beliefs, political opinions, and national concerns.
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How Do Make a Good Start in Your Essay about Yourself

The length of a personal essay is approximately 400 words. You have to check on specific instructions from your tutor every time you get a task of such kind, as you may be limited in your choice of topics or number of words to use. For instance, you may be expected to present your view of yourself in ten years, and you will get a chance to declare your willingness to continue your studies and improve in different areas.

Do not be afraid of touching upon personal details. Explain how you see your future and use the best vocabulary to explain your ambitions in education and career. Mind that fictional stories are not a good idea; instead, tell the truth and try to sound sincere. Point out which challenges you had to face in your part-time job or previous educational experience. Tell about your internship and give the background of your educational choices.

Note that it is important to make a connection between the stories you tell and the future profession you would like to get. It may be interesting to mention which hobbies you have, but do not provide excessive details about them.

All in all, check whether the following aspects are mentioned

Writing a Reflective Essay: Easy-to-Follow Tips

  1. Opt for the best topic

Look through the samples of excellent topic ideas for personal essays to discover interesting examples of reflective essays and sound fresh in your writing.

  1. Formatting your personal essay

There is no need for sources mentioned or abstract added at the beginning of the essay. The structure of all about me essay is pretty simple, still you have to mind that the fundamental standards of formatting are followed, in particular

  • size of the letters
  • font
  • margins
  • spacing
  • intervals

Make sure that the paper is properly structured and it looks neat.

  1. Mind the principles of time management

There is a specific deadline for every task to do. If you have to do a personal essay, it should also be submitted within a set timeframe. Everybody of us likes to procrastinate, but it is a wring approach of it goes about your academic progress. Start at once and you will get enough time not only for writing, but also for proofreading and editing if needed.

  1. Get external help

It is understandable that your sister or brother will not put aside all their things to do and start writing an essay for you. However, there are people who can get reasonably paid to provide you the needed assistance. Appeal to your family members to get some memories you could have forgotten about. They may remind you about some special moments that you can share with others. If somebody of your family had to go through hard times and you could sacrifice something to help, mention this fact. Be honest and sincere in your stories and they will appeal to the emotions of your readers. Feel free to share all your emotions and exciting stories to involve the readers and encourage them to finish reading.

  1. Get inspired

It may happen that your thoughts are too broad and your attention is distracted. You are willing to start writing your essay, but you cannot understand what information you should include and exclude. Some people really find it complicated to think about a story to tell or a piece of experience to share. Try to find some stories of other people, in particular your friends, acquaintances, or family members that can bring you fresh ideas and give you a push. Besides, in your search for ideas, look through the following sources:

  • Books
  • The news online
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Social networks and social media websites
  • Internet blogs
  1. Emphasize the university needs

You strive to get admitted to the university. So, your goals should at least partially coincide with those of the university you would like to enter. Let the admission committee know what your best abilities are, tell about your potential contribution to the university legacy, and sound as a useful asset for the educational establishment of your dream.

  1. Do not use complex words

If you feel that a certain word sounds ambiguous and you may confuse the readers, try to substitute it or the whole phrase. Some of the grammar and spelling mistakes will be underlined or fixed automatically while typing, but it is you who is responsible for the word choice. Make the text sound great with impressive synonyms, but avoid complicated or too sophisticated phrases.

  1. Make your introduction unforgettable

No more general and boring introductions! Do not generalize. Do not introduce yourself in the first line. Try to avoid sounding trivial. Your paper is supposed to excite interest, so do that! An interesting event from your life, statistical figures, and facts from history might work. Find some quote related to your personal story and make your introduction powerful.

  1. No sensitive topics

Mind the feelings of others that can be hurt if you give some comments about the topics that are sensitive for them. It is a bad idea to sound too radical in your judgments of religious issues, political debates, racial issues, or gender concerns. Let your personal essay sound positive.

  1. Revise and do double-checking

You have got a draft, but it is not a final paper yet. What you have to do now is to use some reliable online checker of grammar and eliminate all kinds of mistakes. Check every part of the papers for plagiarism to make sure that the content is original.

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Study Excellent College Essay Samples

Study all the guidelines and look for striking topic ideas that will make your paper outstanding. You can choose among the following suggestions or think about a similar one:

  • My school experience
  • How I overcame all the hardships during my college years
  • My attempts to get a part-time job
  • Impact of my friends on my career choice
  • Honesty and telling lies
  • Learning a foreign language

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