Annotated bibliography is a brief description of the document in terms of its purpose, content, type, shape and distinctive features. It can refer to the editing service, formatting service or the proofreading service.

The Annotated Bibliography Writing Can Be Divided Into Two Groups:

  1. Annotations on the literary and artistic works;
  2. Annotations on non-literary art editions.
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Type of your assignment
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The Annotated Bibliography Performs the Following Functions:

  • It allows to set the main content of the document and to determine its relevance and decide whether to refer to the full text of the document;
  • It provides the information about the document and eliminates the need to read the full text of the document if the document is considered for the reader as the secondary interest;
  • It is used for the information purposes, including the automated systems for the retrieval of documents and information. The annotated bibliography includes profiles of the main topics of the publication, the problems, the objectives and work of its result. The annotated bibliography indicates the new properties of the document in comparison with other, related with the subject matter and purpose.

If You Are Assigned to Write an Annotated Bibliography, you May Wonder About:

  • What is the purpose of it?
  • How does a perfect annotated bibliography look like?
  • Who will help me to create one?

The annotated bibliography may include the information about the author of the document and the merits of the work. The annotated bibliography also contains a message about the changes of the title of the document or group of authors and year of manufacture (if re-release), an indication of the country’s (in translated editions).

In annotated bibliography of the works of fiction it should be given the information about the literary genre of the creation period, the main theme and the problem that was conveyed through the content, place and time of the described events.

Therefore, if you are to complete the annotated bibliography writing among the editing service, formatting service or the proofreading service, you should remember that the annotated bibliography is a summary of the work, the basic idea of the article. According to the article abstracts it should be clear and quite comprehensive to the reader the essence of the study; the reader must decide whether to appeal to the full text of this article for more information and read it to the end. In other words, the annotated bibliography is a major source of information in the information systems and databases, indexing the magazine.

While the annotated bibliography writing, the writer should set out the relevant facts of the annotated work. The content of the material that is not in the publication itself is excluded while the annotated bibliography writing. The information contained in the title, should not be repeated in the annotated bibliography.

The text must be coherent, the provisions should flow logically from one another, and the abbreviations should not be consumed.

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