1. Propaganda tools on Internet. This might be one of the most popular essay topics about journalism today, considering how the Internet influences the mood of masses.
  2. Transformation of journalism approaches. In the dynamic world, the reporters need to be flexible and use new tools for interpreting and presenting news. Thus, a paper on this topic will address this up-to-day problem.
  3. Journalism Education. While choosing out of dozens journalism paper topics, you might consider discussing the importance of professional education for journalists and listing the best establishments with this specialization.
  4. The public’s contribution to the news. Since the process of news formation has become rather interactive, you might want to tell about the role of the audience in completing the news. Besides, there are tons of articles and studies available to include in such essay topics about journalism.
  5. Trust to the media. The question of the audience’s trust to the information they see in mass media is rather problematic now, in the era of manipulation, propaganda and news fabrication. Thus, it can serve as an excellent topic for your essay.
  6. Google as the source of credible news. It is a well-known fact that in the modern world, the simplest way to check anything you have heard, including news, is to google it. However, can the random results it shows really be trusted? This is a question for you to address in your work.
  7. Journalism in the Arab world. This might be one of the most curious essay topics about journalism, as in Arab countries journalists and reporters face numerous challenges in the process of investigation and news production, due to the local legal regulations and ethical rules.
  8. Popularity of Gonzo journalism. Another way for you to compose a successful paper is to analyze the presence of Gonzo journalism in your local area and discuss why it is or is not popular.
  9. Challenges of Investigative Journalism in USA. You might want to devote your paper to the impediments that keep the journalists from truth when the investigations must take place. This is especially relatable to the sphere of politics, where many events are kept in secret, and no reporters are allowed to access the real facts.
  10. Film media in sports journalism. Before the invention of digital technologies, the reporters carried heavy film cameras with them in order to capture important moments. It took a great intuition, accuracy and attention to be able to record the sport events on film. Today, you can discuss how the film media in sports journalism is perceive from the perspective of digital era.
  11. The New York Times: Secrets of success. For more than 160 years, this newspaper has been leading in the world’s news industry. How did they manage to achieve such success and what do they do to stay competitive? These are the questions for you to address in your essay.
  12. Podcasts as sources of news. With the constantly evolving technological advances, the nature of news is transforming, which cannot be ignored. Therefore, in your paper, you can discuss podcasts and how they are used today for delivering news to the audiences. The aspects to focus on would be the credibility of such news, the advantages of using podcasts and specific examples of successful podcasts.
  13. Advantages of collaborative journalism. To develop this topic, you should make a research about the projects where professional and non-professional journalists prepared materials together. Also, you can talk about why such collaborations can be more fruitful than the professional reports, and how the audience’s trust depends on the personalities of the journalists.
  14. Wikinews: new era of news presentation. Although the credibility of Wikipedia articles has been questioned by the numerous critics, their popularity is constantly growing. You could discuss if the same scheme will work with Wikinews, a recently established Internet platform for news. 
  15. The entertaining element in news. The stories presented to the public usually trigger the stronger emotions in the viewers/readers, and this is for a reason. The stories that will resonate with the audience more have a bigger chance to be shown, which is definitely far from objective prioritizing. This issue can serve as a ground for your journalism essay.
  16. Biased news. Another important issue in the modern journalism is the bias of certain reporters or companies which produce news. This is partly due to the personal factor, and partly due to the silent deals between certain media companies and political parties or figures. Thus, you can analyze the examples in the history of news when the journalists were far from objective, which influenced the quality of news.
  17. Modern threats to printed news. You might consider discussing how the innovative technology poses a threat to the editorial magazines, journals and newspapers. An important aspect here is not only the availability of all the information online, but also the shift in advertising approaches. Unlike in the past, now the ads do not need to be printed, as they have a more efficient way of targeting their audiences – social media. This is why; the printed editions lose their main source of income, which makes it hard for them to stay afloat.
  18. Viral photography in mass media. One of the options for composing your essay is to talk about the role of images for a successful story. The visual illustration of news, containing scenery of events, violent or death scenes, photographs of victims or criminals are rather controversial ethically, which is a point for you to consider.
  19. Hazards of the job of a reporter. You can opt for this topic, which implies describing certain examples of reporters being threatened to, harmed, put in jail, tortured, kidnapped or even killed because of their job. All this is happening in the modern world, and it is definitely a theme that is worth your attention.
  20. The issue of confidentiality in journalism. It is a well-known fact that journalists can keep the source of their information in secret, with the aim of security. However, you can discuss the pros and cons of such approach, focusing on the credibility of the information that cannot be supported by any authoritative source.