If you have ever thought of applying to university, you should know that each educational establishment requires writing an application essay. In many cases, you are free to choose a topic for writing. Hence, students choose to write what makes you unique essay. The main idea of an application essay is to show your uniqueness as a student and an applicant to a particular educational establishment. Applying to college, you should remember that the application committee reads thousands of essays every year. You should sound different to allow the committee to notice your paper among hundreds of other students.

Your grades are important. However, you are not the only student with the best grades obtained in high school. Thus, an application essay that points to your unique features and skills required for a particular educational establishment is the best opportunity to distinguish you from other students.

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If you know your unique features, you should try to connect them to the college specialization you are applying for. However, many applicants do not know how to start writing their application essays. Each person is unique, and this is a fact. However, not all people understand their uniqueness. Writing an application essay where you try to fit the college requirements in terms of skills and abilities is not the best option because this is what you have to obtain. Meanwhile, pointing to your uniqueness means that you have some particular features that differentiate you from other students. This is what makes you special. You have to show an admission committee that you are the only one who can manage some particular tasks and contribute to the college life not only through education skills but also by exhibiting some unique personal features.

What makes you unique essay requires you to look at yourself the way others see you. However, if you need to write an application essay but you have no idea what to write, you may buy an application essay from a professional custom writing company or check a what makes you unique essay example online. If you have decided to complete such an essay yourself, you may need some writing assistance.

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Check the following advice and feel free to request help from our professional writers not only in composing an essay but also in editing or revising your already written paper.

  1. Imagine that your are a member of an admission committee. Everyday you look through students’ grades to distinguish those who deserve to be accepted to college. Having numerous students with similar grades, you need to decide who of them to accept. In this case, you will read their admission essays. What would you like to see there? If you think about an admission essay as a piece of writing that positions yourself as a person, you would prefer adding your values and life principles. Show an admission committee your hobbies and interests. What are you passionate about? If you are interested in music, do not just write the pieces you adore; try to explain to the committee what you feel while listening to or playing the piece. If you like drawing, do not just describe the masterpieces you like; try to share the emotions you experience while drawing or observing a piece of art.
  2. Avoid standard phrases that do not carry any specific meaning. For example, it is highly recommended not to use such phrases, as it is important, I really liked it, etc. Show this importance, make sure that you can deliver the value. Be specific and concise. Your writing should provoke readers’ imagination helping them to vividly imagine you as a person. You should imagine yourself as an artist and draw your picture with the help of words. Try to describe the scenes through your feelings and emotions, not only through the actions you do. In this case, even some daily routines may sound as impressive and deserving attention.
  3. Even though your essay should encourage readers to imagine some things, it should not sound as a flow of some personal thoughts without structure and logical order. An admission essay should be properly structured and organized. It should not contain any spelling and grammar mistakes, as even if your essay has perfect and unique content, many errors may spoil the impression. Even though an admission committee expects that an essay is your personal work, you may ask for professional advice. Ask someone to read your paper before submission to ensure that your ideas are clear and understandable.
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Do you still have problems with starting your admission essay? Try to create a list of the most memorable events in your life or the most exciting people you have ever met. Think about the things you are proud of. Try to speak to your relatives and friends about yourself. What do they value in you most of all? You are special. You just have to find your unique features. Here are some points you may consider while writing the best admission essay:

  • The place where you live and people you live with
  • The brightest events from your childhood that have affected the formation of your personality
  • Some unique family stories
  • Places you have visited and people you have met
  • Cultural or religious peculiarities
  • Sports, art, music
  • Volunteering experience
  • Some challenges you have managed to overcome
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your character

Ask your friends and relatives about your distinguishing features. You may underestimate yourself; people you collaborate with may be able to see your uniqueness.

Do not be ashamed of asking your friends about your strengths. Do not try to impress an admission committee with some complicated grammar constructions or extraordinary vocabulary. It is better to use simple words. If you still lack ideas, just contact our customer care agents, and they will help you place an order and get professional assistance.

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