Marriage-Womens Roles

I would like to argue that articles from JWCE and EJ use different approaches towards explanation of womens roles in marriage and an overall idea of relations in a couple.

A Goldsmith in His Shop

The artistic practice involves different operations which result in the creation of a artistic piece conception.

Film Techniques

The film in question is classical in style since it follows the form of cause effect relationship. The film seeks to point out some the narrative techniques used in the piece of art. The story talks of a young ladies and...

Orange is the new Black

In the mid-2013, TV show with a title Orange is the New Black was introduced. The show was scripted and created by Jenji Kohan. The movie series takes place in...

Gender Representation and Masculinity

The film Casino is Martin Scorsese’s product which sheds lights on Mafia’s relationship in Las Vegas. The movie is based on Nicholas Pileggi’s book, which relied on true events from...

The Comparison Of The Liberalism And Conservatism With The Confucianism

The concept of the political ideology is very important in the modern world as well as it was in the past and will be in the future. Political ideology is a certain ethical set of ideals, principles, ideas of a social movement, social class, or a large group that explains how the society should be organized and offer some political and cultural projects of a certain social order.

Korean Variety Shows

The exponential growth in popularity of the Korean variety show began in the late 1990s. The Korean productions tremendously increased in popularity to floor the existing forms such as the Japanese television dramas.

Final Paper

The French revolution that began in 1789 involved an event that is commonly referred to as the “women’s march on Versailles” . This event is highly influential on the movie “And God Created Man”.

Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment

The Enlightenment period is commonly described as the intellectual movement that was experienced in Europe between the 17th and 18th centuries. Accordingly, it tended to shift the thinking of individuals from mere tradition to reason and logic.

Differential Association

Differential association is one of the theories used in criminology. Differential association is a theory that was developed by Edwin Sutherland. The theory proposes that interacting with people seen as having a criminal mindset can influence a person’s attitude and conduct, leading to acquisition of knowledge about these crimes and eventually development of a criminal behavior.