Sample TOK Essay: Ambiguity of Ideas

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“They say that the significance of establishing of incontrovertible fact is often overestimated. Pure knowledge is usually found in ambiguity.” Critically evaluate this statement picking up two areas of knowledge.

When people say that something is inconvertible, they mean that it cannot be disputed or denied whereas being ambiguous means that something can be interpreted in different ways. As such, the statement claims that the process of finding and proving the facts that are undeniable is estimated much more important than it is really is. The statement also emphasizes that human knowledge comes mainly from the ability to interpret the same topic and analyze it from different perspectives. This statement can be discussed from two different angles – the art and religious indigenous systems. In both cases, such aspects as language, imagination, intuition, and the reason should be taken into consideration.

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When it comes to a religious perspective, it should be said that the question of the existence of God has been discussed for many ages, yet this knowledge remains ambiguous. The scientists have been trying to find solid arguments for supporting certain positions. However, since there is no clear answer to this question, different people interpret this question in different ways, thus, different viewpoints still exist. This can be proved by the variety of Holy books in different cultures: The Bible for Christians, The Torah for Jews, Quran for Muslims, etc. Each of these books defines the question of God`s existence differently. For example, Islam religion teaches that people have to carry out religious practices as it was suggested by Prophet Muhammad. Christians believe that Jesus died for the sake of their sins. Judaism teaches that the person has special relationships with God. This fact perfectly demonstrates the ambiguity of the question of God`s existence. People from different cultures interpret this question differently according to their personal beliefs and religious practices existing in the community.

In order to set a permanent recognition and wide acceptance, the idea of God`s existence needs to be analyzed through logical reasoning. In this regard, one should mention a discussion between evangelist Kent Hovind, and an evolutionist Reinhold Schlieter. Both men had a totally different understanding of a topic, thus, they found it difficult to set clear parameters for the debate. Jens Schlieter explored the question of how spiritual and material matters are related through time and space. In a discussion, he asks his opponent how many angels can stand on the tip of the pen. In his turn, Hoving responded that God cannot be applied to time, space, or matter. At the same time, the Bible displays the continuum involving time, space, and matter. At the very beginning (time), God created heaven (space) and Earth (matter). However, the Christian God is not limited to living on Earth or Heaven. Hence, the evangelist makes a conclusion that God exists outside the universe. As such, one can conclude that whereas ambiguity leads to finding the common truth, it is rather difficult to do when specific parameters need to be set. All in all, the ambiguity of the question of God`s existence allows many people to interpret this question in different ways, though these discussions often lead to conflicts and disagreements.

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What is more, this statement can also refer to art because people interpret different pictures or literature texts differently. For instance, taking the classic literary text, it becomes clear that its author used numerous allusions, which enable the readers to interpret the author`s ideas in different ways. Different interpretations are also widely used in poetry when the reader tries to interpret the author`s ideas and understand what the author was trying to say. Sometimes, there is no clear answer to this question since every person treats the poem through the perspective of his/her own experience, feelings, and emotions. For instance, only by the use of language, the talented writer John Steinbeck manages to create a setting in the opening scene in his famous story “Of Mice and Men,” in which he points out to the peacefulness of the river in Soledad. Some researchers relate this scene to the Garden of Eden in the Bible because of the scene’s calmness and tranquility. Other interpretations say that George`s and Lennie`s dream farm is no more than just an allusion to the Biblical Eden since it was their own idea of paradise. As such, one can conclude that the ambiguity of the text allows to interpret it from different perspectives.

In conclusion, it should be said that the truth can be found only in the discussion where the participants can listen to and respect the viewpoints of each other.

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