Islamic Feminism

The term Islamic feminism was associated with the 1990s and the rise of the Iranian men and women that was obvious in their different interpretation of Islamic feminist discourse and new gender-sensitive attitude to Quran.

Islamic Religion

Islam as a religion and a culture once dominated the dominated the world in terms of development.

Global Cold War

The Cold War was a significant period in which the superpowers, the U.S and the USSR aimed at promoting their capitalist and communist ideas respectively.

The Foreign Policy of Pakistan

Starting from 2013, the foreign policy Pakistan is focused on openness and strengthening relations with the Gulf Coast countries, Iran, China, Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Russia, the US, and EU.

Consequences of Drug Use

Drugs have been known and consumed since ancient times. However, drug abuse has reached catastrophic proportions today, disturbing the entire world community.

Relation Between France And Uae

The paper will discuss the strategic issues necessary for the development and benefits of tourism from France to the UAE.

Understanding the Court System

A landmark case occurred in the United States of America. The case was heard at Supreme Court. The petition was brought forth by a Michigan resident who claimed a violation of her rights to be enrolled in the Michigan law school on the ground that the school had admitted other students of a different race who had scored lower than her.

Perception of Whiteness in Japan

The perception of whiteness in Japan refers to a hierarchy of races, which remains topical in the today’s Japanese world. The Caucasians experience certain degree of racism that is present at legal and social institutions.

Italian Regional Foodways and Culture

“La Bella Figura: A Field Guide to the Italian Mind” by Severgnini helps in understanding the nature of the Italian food identity, and culture. As a visitor to Italy, my recollections about the various aspects and my experience was important

Having a College Degree vs. Not Having It

A popular saying notes that education is the equalizer of all men. Man, in this case, refers to both males and female. Thus, an individual’s ability to attain an education has the potential to make him or her equal to others.