Five Basic Things to Learn about Article Writing for Exam

No matter if you are taking Cambridge Advanced or Cambridge First, you will have to write an article. However, what does it mean and what does it take to produce a brilliant piece of article writing?

Article Writing Tips to Learn

  • Identify the Target Audience

You will be writing your article as if you are talking to your reader. You will have to answer an exam question, and you will communicate the answer to your readers. For instance, you will choose fellow students to be your target audience. If your exam question relates to books or movies, you will engage them in a discussion of the movie, and you will have to do it right!

  • Catch Attention 

If you know how to use the Internet, you will also see hundreds of eye-catching titles and headlines. This is how the authors of online articles try to attract the reader. They are literally fighting to get and keep the reader. This is what you will need to do when working on your article. Imagine yourself a journalist. Act like one. Get your readers’ attention and keep them interested!

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  • Make It Relevant and Interesting 

If you want an article that is relevant and effective, it must be interesting in every aspect, every subject, and every word. Imagine your examiner who has already read a dozen of other papers. Your paper should stand out among others. It must be humorous, interesting, and full of relevant details. 

  • Take It Easy 

It must be easy to digest. Thus, if your article is long, make sure to divide it into sections and subsections. Use headings and subheadings. Maintain an easy, conversational style. However, do not use slang or do not go too personal. Brainstorm your ideas of the exam. Imagine what sections or subsections your article must have to be a success. Begin with an introduction. Make it interesting enough to keep the reader glued to your article! Your article has little to do with essay writing. It is different! You will not do any research. You will not discuss any methods or results. Imagine that you are writing for a popular online resource. Make it look light and entertaining. It must be fascinating!

  • Conclude or End Your Article Appropriately

At the end, summarize the argument and make a conclusion. Since this is not an essay but an article, you should try to leave some question open to the reader or create a new ground for rethinking the issue in the article. Try to link this question to what you have already said in the body of your article. Consider the following options:

  1. Look at what you have been reading or reviewing online in the past few days. What were the most memorable articles? Why did they catch your attention?
  2. Why not produce an easy-to-read article that teaches your readers to do something great?

Some Typical Mistakes Made in Article Writing

Six Structures for Writing an Exam Article 

No matter what you are writing, an essay for your school, an exam article, or a curriculum vitae when applying for a job, you will have to follow the required structure. It is the backbone of your paper. You will have to include all mandatory components to create a perfect piece of writing. They will need to be connected logically to present a solid, compelling argument. You will need to be very thorough connecting these elements to each other. Should you make a mistake, your readers will be confused about your message.  Imagine that you study anatomy. You will see that the same species all have identical anatomical structure. This is also the case of essays and articles – they follow the same hierarchy or logic, depending on type and purpose. 

Do you remember how you struggled to write your first five-paragraph essay? Do you remember how many such essays you actually wrote? You would describe anything and everything following this five-paragraph structure. It was typical for your school essays. Look below and choose one of the six most typical structures for your exam article. 

  1. Categorical: When you use a categorical structure, you will discuss several important topics falling into one category. For example, you will be writing about several Amendments of the U.S. Constitution and their relevance to present-day life in America. It is a good idea to follow some kind of a cover letter structure in this type of writing. 
  2. Evaluative: When you use an evaluative structure, you discuss a problem, its positive and negative sides. This structure is quite relevant when you are asking someone for a piece of advice. 
  3. Chronological: This structure is used when you are writing a story and want to present the events in a chronological order. Imagine that you are describing an ideal date. “We take a bus… Then we go up the hill to look at the city…” etc. If you are telling a real-life story, the chronological structure will best suit your purpose. 
  4. Comparative: It is quite like the evaluative structure. However, it also includes an element of comparison. It means that you will have to compare the pros and cons of various decisions. Or you may want to compare the advantages and drawbacks of something that currently defines the patterns of life in America. Based on your comparison, you will have to make a decision and justify it. Tell your reader what you believes is the best solution and how it can improve your life and the lives of others. For example, compare different healthcare financing options and propose the best one.  
  5. Sequential: The sequential structure is not the same as chronological, but it is similar to it. You will use it if you want to describe something step by step. It is not simply about presenting a logical narrative. It is more about discussing the sequence of steps to be followed toward some specific desired result. For example, you want to tell your readers how to make cookies. 
  6. Causal: You will use this structure when you are talking of the causes and consequences of some event or phenomenon. You will not have to make any comparisons. You will not have to discuss any pros or cons of your solutions. Rather, you will have to prove that something causes something else. For example, you may want to discuss the main causes of global warming. In any case, keep it simple!

Now that you have learned everything about article writing, you can choose the most suitable structure for your exam article. Do not hesitate to review the most popular articles online. This is a great opportunity to see what structures and approaches are used by journalists and reporters to keep readers in. Do not hesitate to follow their example when working on your own exam article. 

Article Writing: Things You Have to Be Aware Of

Some students and even young professionals may face problems with the writing because it is not an easy task to do.

  • First of all, it is a creative job that requires perfect knowledge of the subject.
  • Besides, you have to make sure that your paper consists of three parts: an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • The sentences used should be short and catchy.
  • It is also important to follow the appropriate style and formatting.
  • The other thing that you should remember is that you have to submit a authentic paper that will fail any plagiarism detective devices.
  • Apart from the mentioned above, to write a strong paper, you have to make it not only logical, easy to understand and to read, but also interesting and eye-catching.
  • Finally, writing also requires lots of time and efforts.
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