What is Analytical Writing?

The common definition of an analytical essay says that it is a specific type of writing in which the author aims to criticize, analyze, examine, or interpret a specific issue, event, policy, or work of art. Analytical writing usually deals with a detailed analysis of the specific subject from different perspectives in order to synthesize the information and draw the right conclusions. 

Every academic assignment is rather difficult to complete, and an analytical essay is not an exception. Actually, it is even more complicated for an average student due to its analytical nature. Some students opine that an analytical essay is one of the toughest tasks in their academic career. They surf the web with the question “How to write an analytical essay.” Of course, there are a lot of manuals on the web providing the students with the tips and secrets of successful analytical writing. However, if you are looking for a guide that will help you turn an ordinary essay into a masterpiece, just keep reading and we will provide you with the great tips suggested by the best academic scholars.

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How to Create a Great Analytical Essay?

  • Introduction

As well as in any other academic essay, your introduction should provide the reader with the background information on your subject. To engage your reader from the first lines of your essay, make sure to include a “hook” statement. Keep in mind that the information you give in your introduction should be relevant to your thesis statement. Remember that a thesis statement in an analytical essay should be always arguable. It should not just summarize a well-known idea but suggest a though-provoking claim that will be supported or refuted in the essay. Remember that analytical writing is quite formal, so you need to avoid using the first and second person. 

  • Main Body

The main body of your paper is the part in which you present your arguments. To reach the expected outcome, we recommend you to support all your arguments with solid evidence. For instance, you can include relevant facts, statistics, and expert opinions to support your claims. 

When it comes to writing an analytical essay, you need to follow a specific structure that is given below:

  1. A topic sentence. Preferably, each paragraph should begin with a good topic sentence that will be connected with a thesis statement. As such, the reader will easily understand what is your paragraph about only by reading your topic sentence;
  2. Analysis. This is the part where you need to suggest your arguments. Its length should depend on the length of the paragraph. If the paragraph is short, an analysis should take only one-two sentences. Make your analysis creative and authentic and you will be able to reach the expected outcome;
  3. Evidence. As if was already mentioned, all your arguments should be supported with strong evidence. If you want your analytical essay to bring you a good grade, you need to make your evidence credible and accurate.
  4. A concluding sentence. Once your paragraph is written, it is the high time to summarize it in a concluding sentence that will address the topic sentence once again.
  • Quoting and Paraphrasing

When writing an analytical essay, you need to back up all your arguments with expert opinions. However, at the same time, you need to keep in mind that direct using of the ideas of other people without mentioning their authorship is strictly forbidden in academic writing. When quoting someone, you need to use the precise words used by another person and mention the source where this citation can be found. When paraphrasing the idea, you may use different words. Either way, you need to mention the authorship. If you want to avoid the problems caused by a high plagiarism index, you need to cite all the ideas and thoughts taken from the outside sources in accordance with the formatting style required. 

  • Conclusion

The final paragraph of your analytical essay is a conclusion. This paragraph should be clear and concise. In your conclusion, you need to summarize the main points discussed in the essay. Without introducing new information, you need to address your thesis statement once again emphasizing its accuracy.

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