It is a well known fact that colleges and universities provide a lot of opportunities for their students. Some educational establishments ask applicants to write certain type of an essay, which is usually called a scholarship essay. Not every applicant knows how to write a scholarship essay. Well, this essay refers to the basic parts of application process. Pay attention to its introduction, where your main task is to awaken interest in the readers. That is why you need to know how to start a scholarship essay.  

What should be written in the essay? What is the major goal of such essay? How can I make the introduction a striking one? Remember that you need to show your personality in this paper. The committee should understand you as an individual. Usually, you need to open up when you write your essay. Prove that you are perfect for this application. It will also have to explain whether you require certain type of support. It is one of the reasons why it is crucial to learn how to write a scholarship essay.

Prompt Scholarship Essay 

Below you will find essay prompt. You need to write approximately 400-500 words in your paper. Usually the below questions should be answered in the paper:

  1. Explain what features for the leader are considered to be the best ones. Do you possess any of the mentioned features?
  2. What are your aspirations in life? 
  3. Do you have any career aspirations? What are they? 
  4. Why do you think that your features are more unique than those possessed by other applicants?
  5. Do you have features that help you become a unique leader? 
  6. Can you offer anything unique?
Type of your assignment
Academic level

The Key to Success is in Planning 

Being creative is not enough. In order to learn how to write a scholarship essay, it is necessary to note one thing. Plan everything. When you are young you can ignore this rule but it will not help you succeed. Careful and detailed planning can be really effective and helpful in practically everything you do. When you learn how to plan and make it your everyday habit, success in academic career will be guaranteed. You should start from the instructions list. Read every sentence attentively. Follow the instructions from the very beginning.  

In case you shift from the major criteria, you essay will not be noticed by the application committee. In addition, it is highly recommended to make an outline prior to essay writing. Every successful paper started from the outline. Scholarship essay is not an exception. The task of every outline is to guide the student during the writing process. List major points you need to mention in your paper. Then follow the outline and you will write a logical and coherent essay that will meet all set requirements. 

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Outline for a Scholarship Essay     

If you want to write an effective essay, outline is a must in this case. Forget about everything that distracts you and focus on your writing. Check out a sample of outline below: 


  • Introduce yourself.
  • Name the program you want to apply for.


  1. Describe one of the biggest challenges in your life.
  2. How did you cope with the challenge?


  1. Describe objective for the education.
  2. Why did you decide to study in this college/university?
  3. Why do you want to choose this field of study?
  4. What are your long-term objectives?
  5. Why do you want to get a degree?
  6. How the chosen program can help you achieve your goals?
  7. How a scholarship can assist you in achieving your goals?
  8. Make conclusion notes.

How to Successfully Deal with Topics for Scholarship Essays? 

Explaining why you are the best for winning the prize is not enough. The best advice to make your essay unique is to write something really interesting about oneself. Choose something unique. There is no need to describe it in detail. Use one simple advice: be concise and present only a little piece of your life. Do not say everything, leave something unsaid to interest the committee in your personality. 

Focus your little story on a particular life moment. Simple summarizing of your achievement is not enough. Rest assured that judges are overloaded with such type of information and it will not be new for them. What will make your personality unique is focusing on one key event in your life that will help you to show your personality.

In order to explain who you are you need to describe your experience and avoid presenting simple facts. As a result, the committee will definitely notice and remember you. Make a catchy title and remain unique in your writing. 

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How to Create a Draft?

There is no strict requirement for writing a draft. It usually helps to see whether you understood the instructions. Sometimes, it is difficult to start writing an essay but a free draft form helps to open the door to real writing. In case you have a long deadline, do not try to write the whole paper at once. You can even start your draft from conclusion, write the main body and then create an introduction.

How to Write a Conclusion?

There are several options on how to write a conclusion. Remember that conclusion leaves the last impression.  

  • The cycle model can be used. Make the main statement in the introduction and restate it in conclusion. It will help the readers to feel involved in the essay.
  • Look into the future. You can describe your past experience and in conclusion you can write how this experience will influence you in future life. Mistakes and success should receive equal treatment. Mistakes and failures are also considered a good life lesson. So, do not be afraid to admit that at some point of your life you did something wrong.  


Make a detailed revision of your final paper. Make sure that paper meets all the instructions. Correct the mistakes and submit your flawless scholarship essay in time. 

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