Multiple choice question examples are an invaluable asset for students who are challenged with multiple choice answers during tests. While for some students there is no simpler test than multiple choice questions, for others it is a sheer catastrophe. When the options are dubious or rather similar, students feel at a loss what to choose and how to succeed in such tests.

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Great Tips For Handling Multiple Choice Questions

For many students, multiple-choice questions are a problem. For most professors, they are an easy way to evaluate students’ progress. Follow our tips below to write great multiple-choice questions when you need. 

Stay Simple

Focus on the question. Make sure that the question warrants a concise, well-substantiated answer. Anyone who tries to answer the multiple-choice question should not need to include too much information. They do not need to go beyond scope of the question just to fill the writing space. Great multiple-choice questions are those, which simply require choosing a correct answer. Choose the answer you know is correct, based on your course readings. 

For example – Organizational change is a process used by organizations to:

  1. Improve organizational performance
  2. Achieve a status quo
  3. Create a context for ongoing change
  4. Engage stakeholders. 

A bad example is: Organizational change is a:

  1. Process
  2. Outcome
  3. Decision
  4. Practice

Do Not Use Negative Statements

When working on your multiple-choice questions, it is better not to use the word “not” in any context. Ask what is done; do not ask what is not done. The use of negative wording can be extremely confusing. Learners may fail to choose the correct answer even if they know it. 

Example—What is the capital of France?

  1. Paris
  2. Berlin 
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Washington

Another Example—Which city is NOT located in Germany?

  1. Berlin
  2. Dusseldorf 
  3. Marcel 
  4. Munich 

Questions Should be Properly Organized

All answers must be arranged in an alphabetical order. When using numerical answers, the size should be increasing. Use vertical layout, locating possible answers in an up-and-down fashion. 

Good Example—What is the capital of Germany?

  1. Berlin
  2. Dusseldorf
  3. Paris
  4. Washington

Bad example—What is the capital of Germany?

a. Berlin b. Dusseldorf c. Paris d. Washington

Other Things to Consider

Consider the following things when working on multiple-choice questions. These simple recommendations will help! 

  • Check the grammar, spelling and style of your multiple-choice questions.
  • Check if each item in the list of possible answers matches the other by length, type, consistency, etc.
  • Check if the options are located along the same continuum with the same discrimination range against the main criterion and against one another
  • Check if there are any unnecessary repetitions or redundancy 
  • Check if the list of options includes any absolute words; avoid them, as they can be interpreted in many different ways
  • Most correct answers are appear at the end of the list. Check if C and D answers are correct in most questions and change that.
  • Check if there are any inferences that can guide students to guess the correct answer. You should avoid designing your answers that facilitate guessing. 
  • Check if all answers are clear, precise, and relate to the course content. If students have attended all learning sessions, they must be able to answer all questions. 

Therefore, students should be calm and really attentive when they want to understand what they are asked. As a rule, such questions only seem confusing at first sight, while in reality they are rather simple and clear. Only when students can carefully read the task will they be able to identify the right answer immediately.

For students to whom multiple choice questions are the most confusing and challenging task, we have devised a list of tips for multiple choice tests.

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