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Social Psychology

I remember it like yesterday since it was the most disappointing day of my life. The day started well as usual; during those times it was not only social awkward for boys to walk together with girls, but if such a relationship was suspected, the involved persons found themselves in trouble. Therefore, girls related with their likes as well as boys. Most of the time, I used to be with my best friend, Jane. She is more than a sister to me portraying indivisible characters such as loyalty, loving, understanding, supportive, daring just but to mention a few. Realistically, our friendship entails trustworthiness. According to Hogg and Cooper, trustworthiness is being reliable, dependable, and having trust and confidence in someone. This is defined by the character traits of our friendship since we could do or provided what each other needed in the right time and in the right manner. This is well defined by loyalty and trust that Jane has offered to me. As friends who understood each other, we used to get along well with each other. This was so clear to our fellow class mates for instance; if someone wants to know the whereabouts of Jane, she would ask me and the converse.

However, one day the unusual happened and the two friends were forced to separate for a couple of days. This happened when I suffered from Amoeba infections. Being a girl child who comes from a humble background and a family of five, I foresaw a myriad of challenges. ,By then catering for medical attention, taking into account that some health policies such as the Obama Care had not been enacted, was a challenge. To make the matters worse, my mother a form four drop out had not reliable source of income since she could not secure a job. Most of the then available jobs in our locality required a lot of energy and were more involving. Therefore, being a lady and more so the recruitment criteria were gender biased, it was quite challenging for her to secure a job. In this case, gender refers to a state of either being male or female. However, the gender concept is not limited to this definition since it does not include biological sex only but also takes into account the sex-based social structure such as social roles and other gender based roles or what is referred to us the gender identity (Social Psychology, n.d). In this case, the tasks that were given revealed that there was gender imbalance. This is a situation where a gender gap exists where one sex is favored than the other.

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I was on my way heading home when the illness became worse. It was severe that I had problem walking.The infection was predominant in my body, the infection would rise, I would struggle with it without taking medication then it would disappear. To my surprise, this time things were different, my friend realized something unusual with me. The amoeba infection is one of the secrets I had kept from her. The pain was severe to an extent that I could not withstand. I sat down, held my belly but this was not helping. The situation worsened to an extent that I fell down started groaning. To make the matters worst I was unconscious for two minutes. By the time I woke up, I was in the hospital and I saw Jane relaxing on a seat next to my bed. I could see fear in her eyes as she explained how I landed in the hospital. She thought that she will never get a chance to talk to me again. According to Hogg and Cooper, fear is defined as unpleasant emotion that is caused by individual belief that something or someone is dangerous, a threat or it is likely to cause pain. Therefore, to be afraid implies that something or someone maybe threatening, painful or it is likely to be dangerous. Actually, fear is perceived by living entities since it may cause a change in brain or the functioning of the organ. Additionally, it may cause trauma effects. Jane experienced fear since the tears were emotionally generated and she was shaking and crying once she saw me lay unconsciously in the bed. She was explaining to me every bit that happened when I woke up.

A male health practitioner was attending to me in the hospital. The male doctor gave me hopes that I could recover as soon as possible. He had a facial expression that depicted hope, positive attitude and care. Sometimes he would come to where my bed was talk to me as a way of showing compulsion. Though in hospital knowing that I was surrounded by challenges I had a heart to push on. My mother would come to visit me often, but once she appeared, I would understand that she was stretching to her limits to have my needs catered for. She would also talk to me and instill hopes but at times I would ask her about the medical fees but she replied that “God will provide.” However, her facial expression did not instill confidence. Facial expression refers to position or motion of muscles that lay beneath the face skin. Evidently, much facial expression conveys the individual emotions to the observer. This is an effective mean of non-verbal communication that played a great role in informing that my mother was broke and she had no confident if she would afford to pay the bill.

The doctor learnt that we were struggling with medical fees and the day of discharge was nearing. From her perception he thought that he would take advantage over the situation. One evening as I was sitting outside enjoying the afternoon sun shine he approached me. As usual he gave me the hope and later he promised me that he would pay for my medical fee. He asked me if I would accompany him to his office for a detailed talk. Through my understanding, it came to me that the man had been sent for my rescue. He directed me to his office where we had a conversation. He told me that he would like something as compensation. To my surprise, he asked me whether I would be his sex partner. This question left tears rolling down my checks, it was then when I realized that his concern was driven by own/personal interest. Own interest, in this case, refers to “focusing on one’s needs or desires.” This implies that the medical practitioner was working towards something that was of benefit to him rather than assisting me. This is supported by the fact that that he had pledged to helps me with the hospital bill so that I would be his sex partner.Once I opposed his proposal, he tried to have sex with me by force but I resisted and screamed. Luckily, therewas a nurse who was passing nearby, he heard the scream and came to my rescue.

The press in the town was alerted and came to me for a detailed report. This gave me an opportunity to air out what happened and the situation I was in. This attracted attention of good people who came to my rescue. The hospital bill was catered for, my school fees, that of my young siblings and not forgetting that may mother was assisted in securing a job. This is the manner in which my life was transformed. On the other hand, the doctor was to appear before judgment, where he was prosecuted. This owed to the fact that it is unethical for medical practitioners to ask for sex from their patients as a way of compensation. In this case, he was denied of his career permit. This played an important part since he was able to alter his behavior. However, learning from our mistakes is not the right way. This is due to fact that there are consequences attached. Learning from our mistakes has been defined as making the right choices depending on the previous mistake. Actually, as people live they learn through making errors. Specialist should abide to the code of conduct as it is stipulated in the code of ethics. After the imprisonment, he changed his behavior and he is now a pastor. Behavior change refers to the change of personal and environment characteristic which are major factors of behavioral determination. Behavior change has a wide application not only in criminology but also in health. Thus, this is well applied in this context since for the doctor to move from a doctor to criminal and from criminal to a pastor, he portrayed behavioral change.


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