August 3, 2018 in Sociology
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The first thought which appears in mind about this website is an embarrassment that there are so many victims of the domestic violence that these people even have their own community. It is also pity that the domestic violence is not the new problem for the society. However, from the first read words it becomes clear that this website represents the community’s activity, which can be only appreciated and admired. It provides psychological support and helps to avoid the further violence attacks.

The community has pretty much experience. They organize trainings for the victims. They show the numerous examples of the successful stories. Moreover, they have the nonviolence classes for men. The most attractive in the work of the community is the fact that they work psychologically right. They do not influence or manipulate. They just show the results and the impact of their violence on the whole family and on them particularly. Moreover, they help men to see themselves from the side and show the advantages of the nonviolence life. They also try to find out what is the reason of such a behavior and then to deal with it (Domestic abuse intervention programs, 2011). What is the most important, this therapy for men gives its results, and the huge percent of the men who have passed it do not turn back to their violence behavior again. I think that this point is the most important because those men are the first people who need psychological help.

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There are different reasons which cause such behavior and the domestic violence. They might have cultural, political, economic or legal undergrounds. Among them, there are such reasons as gender-specific socialization, acceptance of the violence as a solution of a problem, women’s economic dependence on men, and many others (UNICEF, 2000).

As for me, I respect such communities and their activity. I think that this big problem with the domestic violence has to be solved and such communities contribute to elimination of this vice. The more men pass the similar training, the more families will be saved and the more women and children will be happy.


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