August 3, 2018 in Sociology
Conventional Wisdom Essay

Proverb is a great content, pronounced in a few words

They contain everything: mockery, ridicule, reproach, in other words – all wiggling and bullying to the quick. Proverb is one of the genres of folklore, folk art product. They can be even called small works of art. In brief form, aphorism has a profound meaning, the result of observations of life and generations of people. Therefore, proverbs can be called a fount of wisdom, a kind of textbook of life.  People often hear the conventional wisdom “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, however, they do not think about what forced this assumption to be created.

First, it should be noted that jealousy is always present in the human relations. One may even say that it is jealousy that forces people to the self-development. People always try to show the best they have; for instance, in social networks, they upload photos that captured their happiest moments. At the same time, others think that it was made in the everyday life. Such people, who follow the lives of others through the monitor, even if their life in other fields is much more successful, feel jealous watching those photos. Consequently, people tend to believe that “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”. There is all the same in marriages. A couple or one of spouses thinks that he/she made a mistake, and as a result, married “the wrong guy”. They communicate with other married couples, which seem to be happy and in love. That is the same jealousy, but in another manifestation. There is no such a person that tries to find disadvantages in seemed to be a happy marriage of a friend. Even his/her complaints against soul mate look like an act out of boredom. This is again “the other side of the fence”.

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Second, there are a lot of immigrants coming in search of “American dream”

These people flee from developing countries or even successful European countries to live as they dream. They all saw films or interviews with screen stars that came to success; as a result, they hope that the U.S. is the “other side of the fence” and once they arrive, everything will change. However, such people do not matter that they may achieve the same with strong motivation and exerting maximum effort. There is no matter where a person is; he/she should have a moral power, which is a guarantee of success.

Third, the beloved theme of eternal dispute is the racial inequality

African Americans think that they are still being undervalued and they do not have the same rights. They think that people, who have a light complexion, have more possibilities and may become more successful. People with a light complexion, in their turn, think that African Americans are gradually replacing them from good positions. As a result, both sides consider that they are on the wrong side of a fence. Today’s politic of the total tolerance guarantees equal rights to both sides, who regularly forget about it.

Unfortunately, a person is arranged in such a way that he/she does not appreciate things that he/she has. Therefore, neighboring line moves faster, and somewhere there is a better place, but a person is not there. People tend to idealize “out there” to fill their fantasies with sun and warmth. When people dream, they draw the most optimistic picture in their mind. People are always looking forward to new experiences and impressions. That is why this wisdom proverb does not lose its meaning in the modern society.


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