The Mass Society Theory

Mass communication is the systematic dissemination of messages via printed, radio, television, film, sound recording, video recording, and other channels of transmission of information among dispersed audience with the aim of informing...

Global Economy

Globalization has been affecting the entire world in various respects since the 1990s and the end of the Cold War, which also put an end to the previous global order. One of the aspects that has been subject to the most profound and transformative impact is global economy.

Classic Conditioning in Advertising

The modern reality is unthinkable without advertisement – the information reasoned in the favor of a specific decision, which is focused on the potential buyer and is distributed through the public channels and sources.


The classical Hollywood cinematography has long ago become the fundamental mode of filmmaking in the United States of America. These movies include two particular interrelated types of power, which are ideological and hegemonic ones.

Children Education in Syria

Striving to assure the protection of the physical and emotional needs of every human being the mankind instituted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). It is a set of legal regulations that are applicable worldwide.

Environmental Engineering

The role and function of fire safety engineer, sometimes known as fire protection engineers, happens to be the application of scientifically tested and proven principles and mechanisms in the determination of the effects of a fire and the reaction and...

Disability Viewed through Cross-Cultural Lenses

Nowadays, health professionals from all over the world face a great number of different mental diseases in patients. The reason of such an increase is attributable to various factors, namely environment health conditions, interpersonal relationships, etc...

Capital Punishment

The humanity has developed a well-elaborated system of punishment and discipline to maintain law and order in the society. The kinds of punishment range from the deprivation of property and fines up to solitary confinement and death row depending on...

Ethical Issues and Genetic Manipulation

Parents may want a child of a particular sex for several reasons. Sometimes such an intention has serious motives. There are a number of genetic diseases transmitted by sex. On the other hand, this wish is often motivated by the desire to balance a family...

External and Internal Environments

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the largest producers of non-alcoholic beverages and drinking water. Despite the size of the corporation, it is exposed to the external environment, which has an impact on all, without exception, modern business organizations...