Buzz Marketing

Aug 3, 2018 in Research

In the 20th century, radio and television became extraordinary tools for marketers, and they took a full advantage of them.  For decades, it helped marketers promote their brands.  Eventually, this marketing infrastructure not only became expensive but also seemed to be less and less effective in attracting consumers, especially young generation, who yet to choose their brands.  Few pioneer marketers perhaps realized that to get someone to buy create a buzz among consumers, and consumers will help to promote the product.  It is called viral marketing strategy, which is designed to face each customer more on a personal basis than through conventional advertisement; through their favorite celebrities, religious leaders, community development programs.  It is difficult to determine the date of arrival of this technique, however, its birth, development and refinement took place during the ten-year period from1996 to 2006 (A Brief History of Buzz Marketing 2008).  Microsoft conducted first noticeable buzz marketing to launch Hotmail in 1996.  Microsoft was able to attract 12,000,000 new users spending $500,000, which would have been unachievable through conventional marketing (A brief History of Buzz Marketing 2008).  Buzz marketing is carefully tailored and orchestrated; for example, in 2001, Evian used it through the renovation of community swimming pool in Brixton, UK; Burger King’s Subservient Chicken email campaign in 2004 is another example.  Gossip about celebrities like Hollywood movie stars is a technique of buzz marketing too; for example, love affair gossip between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes came out just before each of them released a movie (Buzz Marketing n.d.).  Nike and Red Bull widely use this technique.  Nike uses endorsement or sponsorship of celebrities like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Lance Armstrong.  Red Bull, by contrast, uses extreme sports events like Formula 1 racing, Felix Baumgartner’s space-jump ( 2012).  It also uses celebrities like Blake Griffin, Rajon Rando, Reggie Bush, but yet to determine a single product line with a celebrity like Nike did with Michael Jordan.  Buzz is the latest marketing technology of the digital era.

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