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Advanced Nursing Role Essay

Advanced Nursing Role

I grew up in a rural community in Kerala, India. Without any exaggeration, I got great experience and knowledge regarding the basic needs for compassion and care in the world. Skills that I gained not only increased my awareness on how human beings depend on each other, but also how people can make themselves beneficial and useful to those around them. During my school attendance, I participated in the Red Cross activities and the school scouts. Moreover, I was actively engaged in numerous community programs and initiatives. Serving people and interacting with them helped me realize that I can brighten someone’s day and make those around happier and healthier. Following the advice of my father, I try to conceal my own worries, and always smile since it can help other people feel better. The most amazing event was when I saw a nurse helping an elderly patient. The specialist knew him as well as his health issues. A nurse not only physically supported a man, but also emotionally. After a while, I recognized that I genuinely felt interested in pursuing a nursing career because I want to assist people all the time they need me. However, I understand that in order to become a professional and qualified specialist, I must work hard and have a total commitment. I chose nursing in 1993 and graduated as the valedictorian. I was also honored as the best outgoing student.  In faced ups and downs on my way, but they did not push me off the target way. As a strong person, I am not afraid of challenges and difficulties, and I want to succeed in my field and eventually become an advanced practice nurse.

According to the California Healthcare Foundation (2014), nearly 300,000 licensed registered nurses now reside in the most populous state, making nursing as one of the largest health professions. The role of nurses has evolved in recent years since the specialists start to take on more responsibility for providing care. Recognizing the crucial role that every nurse plays in delivering health care to patients, the legislators decided to enact staffing ratios in the medical institutions, increase the number of educational programs in colleges, and attract investments to support the professional abilities and meet the patients’ demands. In recent years, the number of the Californian graduates, who participated in the registered nurse programs, has drastically grown.

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Advanced practice nurses are registered nurses, who possess a Master’s or higher degree in nursing. Nurses should be prepared for advanced practice by using important knowledge and applying skills. According to Griffin (2012), nurses act independently or in collaboration with specialists when delivering various healthcare services. Moreover, advanced practice nurses complete special training and have good experience beyond that which registered nurses require. Based on the necessary skills and education, the California State Board of Registered Nursing certifies every advanced practice nurse. The Californian advanced practice nurses provide various expert services such as direct care and helpful consultation. Every advanced practice nurse is regarded as the key part of the expert care provided to millions of patients. With specialized training, an advanced practice nurse can take care of the patients with complex conditions. Specific skills and training distinguish these specialists from other nurses. Through the advanced education, an individual can get a large set of skills, enhance assessment abilities, increase abilities to plan, implement care, and set the correct diagnoses. Every current nurse can advance own nursing career by becoming a successful advanced practice nurse.An advanced practice nurse exercises a higher level autonomy in various areas because of the high- level expertise. A high level of autonomy includes such activities as close cooperation with patients and clients to enhance the positive outcome, deal with group and individual care, labor and physical resources, the decision-making process, act ethically following the laws and regulations, admittance of patients to the healthcare facilities. It is important to remember that with a higher educational level, a person will have more opportunities to pursue own career in the field of nursing.

In its broadest definition, family affects almost every aspect of people’s health. As a registered nurse, a family nurse practitioner gets education and receives Master’s level after graduation. Adult people and children are the main focus of these specialists. After receiving training and education, these specialists can deliver high quality and comprehensive illness and wellness care to adult people and children. In addition, they can provide illness prevention, disease management, patient education, and preventive healthcare. 

The role that family nurse practitioners play is diverse and broad. Moreover, it continues to evolve. These nurse practitioners assume various roles such as researchers, clinical leaders, educators, and primary care providers. Like many physicians, every family nurse practitioner orders, conducts, interprets laboratory and diagnostic tests, and uses non-pharmacological and pharmacological therapies including weight loss and stress reduction to optimize the positive patient outcome.

The family nurse practitioners are prepared for implementing the practical guidelines based on data. Moreover, they critically analyze healthcare interventions focusing on the individualized assessment of family and individual demands. A family nurse practitioner serves patients with sensitivity and primarily works in the ambulatory healthcare facilities. Moreover, the specialists recognize the particular needs of people from the various cultural backgrounds. The family nurse practitioners meet the healthcare demands of families by providing them with comprehensive care throughout a life (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2014). A family nurse practitioner can work independently or collaborate with other professionals in various organizations, homes, schools, and healthcare facilities. According to the numerous world and news reports, the family nurse practitioner program is the leading program in the USA. It is committed to educating diverse Californian people. Through the practical work and clinical experience, students will be able to deal with chronic and acute conditions collaboratively. Moreover, they will deliver a high- quality primary care to millions of vulnerable, underserved, and diverse human beings.

The vital aim of my job is to improve my patients’ health conditions by following my scope of practice properly and safely. Through the excellent program, education, and experience, I will have a great opportunity to enhance my nursing skills as I have already come a long way since I started my nursing practice in the United States. Moreover, I believe that a job of a nurse practitioner is one of the most exciting and intellectually challenging in the field of nursing. I want to become a qualified advanced nurse practitioner because, as the patient Anastacia Casperson examined by the nurse practitioner Tina Clark said that they had compassion and understanding for a client. She continues that they are like one big family, and they all work together (Bartolone, 2013). I will take care of the patients throughout my life despite the difficulties that I will meet on my way. Nursing has taught me that spending time on listening is a key difference between being a doctor and a nurse. I have learned that if I listen effectively to all the questions and problems, it will allow my patients’ concerns to remain my primary focus. Through applying skills in practice, I can exercise comprehensive psychosocial and physical assessments to manage and correctly diagnose acute and chronic health conditions. In order to implement it, it is vital to form a long-term healing relationship with all the patients, clients, and provide them with high- quality individualized care making lives better and healthier.


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