The Ecosystem Approach

Aug 3, 2018 in Exploratory

Deforestation is considered to be a long-term or everlasting extraction of trees in order to adapt certain piece of land for other intentions. Deforestation in United States has led to 90 percent of forest damage since 1600. According to nowadays level of deforestation, only the fourth part of today’s forests will exist in 50-70 years (Boucher, Movius, Fitzhugh, Roquemore, Elias, 2009). That is why the question remains open: What causes the U.S. deforestation?

There exist numerous reasons for deforestation in the United States as well as in other countries. Most of them concern money. A lot of people who live in the forest areas are tempted by constant money offers for getting the rights to deforest their possession. This problem is bothering almost all parts of America. Moreover, the expansion of agriculture also plays vital role in forest damaging, since the demand for those products is always on rise. Additionally, another purpose of deforestation is grazing lands. In other words, it means that people deforest trees in order to graze cattle. These and dozens of other reasons concerning deforestation exist nowadays (Putatunda, 2011).

What will happen if nobody stops deforestation? As far as everybody knows, trees have a great influence on climate. They also help to produce oxygen into the air with the help of photosynthesis. The more damage is performed to the plants, the less oxygen is produced into the air. Consequently, serious atmospheric changes are possible to happen, in addition to that, impacting climate around the world. Moreover, forests are responsible for protecting topsoil and crucial soil nutrients. They prevent erosion and keep soil undamaged. There is no secret that with increasing level of deforestation, the rate of the streamflow also increases (Boucher, Movius, Fitzhugh, Roquemore, Elias, 2009).

What can people do to prevent deforestation? One of the possible ways is to recycle trash and to buy recycled products. The situation can change significantly if every person in the world plants at least one tree. This will considerably increase chances of forests to live. Moreover, people can reduce consumption and paper waste.

It is doubtful whether the issue of deforestation will ever end. Being a relatively cheap source of fuel, wood is always needed for building houses; people warm their homes with the help of wood. However, United States and other countries in the world can try to prevent the disaster by accepting at least the measures which are mentioned above.

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