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Relevance of Geology Diamond to me

The field of geology comprises of researches on earth components and their processes. There are some reasons why geology has a significant effect on an individual life, especially mine. But first, think about floods, landslides, earthquakes, droughts, ocean water currents, volcanic activities, minerals such as diamond, aluminum as well as the types of soil, oil, fuels. All these concepts are studied in geology because they affect the human modern life and civilization, but these research will focus on the importance of an earth mineral; diamond to my life.

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Diamond as a mineral is not a common gemstone that naturally occurs made up of carbon atom where it is circled by other tetrad carbon atoms which are linked by a firm covalent chain. It makes a uniformly, tightly bonded pattern making one of the greatest stables; a durable substance recognized in minerals.

Properties of diamond

Its uniqueness as the strongest and hardest mineral makes it the greatest heat conductor and remain hot for a longer time even after the source of heat is removed long before. Diamonds are cold below room temperature but has the highest melting point of four thousand and ninety degrees Celsius as well as has the highest refractive index of any natural mineral. According to Field and Edwin (ed), Mohs scale of diamond is number ten and makes it forty times harder than Corundum which falls number nine on the Mohs scale. Diamond atomic arrangement of carbon covalent bonding makes it the densest mineral, and its transparency makes its wavelengths the greatest.

Diamond has an excellent luster exhibiting an exceptional brilliance which provides it with a freshly, shiny polished appearance. Though rough diamonds have a greasy luster, when perfectly cut, they show a great adamantine luster.

The refractive index and the hardness may vary slightly among crystal samples. Carbonado and Bort displays a somewhat lower hardness than other diamond specimens as well as the absence of cleavage. Hexagonal diamond or in another name referred to as Lonsdaleite a kind of a diamond found with meteorites meaning it is an extraterrestrial mineral believed to have been formed when meteoric graphite descended on earth (Field and Edwin). When it was dropping, the heat as well as stress converted the graphite into a diamond but maintained its graphite’s hexatic crystal tracery.

Diamonds are not inherent to earth’s surface formed at high temperatures and pressure at a hundred miles deep into the earth’s crust. Harris, depict that most of the diamonds discovered on the face of the earth were deposited through volcanic activities the originated from the earth’s mantle, but they rarely melted on arrival on the surface.

Miners when mining for diamonds they seek rocks that contain xenoliths or sediments and soils that arose from weathering of diamond-containing rocks.

Relevance of diamond to me

Diamonds have metaphysical characteristics that are the common knowledge known to everyone, but there is the healing, spiritual side of the diamond that is meaningful to me. Besides the buying of the diamond as a favorite item and as a mean of expressing the kind of lifestyle one possesses, but the gemstone has offered a sense of reconstructing an individual’s life, the energy as well as the continuous personal development process.

According to me, diamond symbolizes love, faithfulness, innocence, purity as well as connection suffused with affection. Diamond eliminates certain kind of change of character which can be first-rate fancied as a type of wants, and the mineral fills them with the pure energy of love. It encourages ingenuity, creativity, endurance, faith and assists in exhibiting surplus in all phases of life. The mineral symbolizes richness in individual’s life; its hardness is esteemed due to its purity, beauty and capability to reflect light in a unique way. Diamond provides pureness, as well as clear beneficial resolutions of all complications of life, especially when I willingly accept the wrong approaches and perceptions, or the false expectations (Sunnyray).

Some theories have identified diamond as ‘king of all crystals,’ gemstones of the masters and rocks of the mind. It is due to its robust structural domain of philosophy. The diamond reaches deep within us and opens more divine pathways than any other rock. It also brings about the great amount and fulfillment of the infatuations or endeavors you can only taunt to conceptualize (Sunnyray). If you spurn to dream your individual and true fate, then diamond exist to aid an individual to succeed in achieving that destiny.

According to the Sunnyray article, diamond in a more contemplative point it means that it can cleanse the energetic impediments. Through the harnessed feeling of self-esteem as well as self-affection, diamond also assists on comprehend self-emotional hindrances. When the diamond purifies you, you shine up to perfection and eternity, thus providing one with internal peace and a feeling of calmness. The rock can drive away all the negative thoughts and emotions; that somehow find their paths towards an individual. Similarly, diamond leads one to positive mental demeanor through improving the mental, physical as well as spiritual strength. The diamond will open up new opportunities for an individual life by slowing down aging process but opening up the zeal to achieve and achieve different levels. Some believe that it helps regenerate the cells of the body and improves the contact towards divinity.

Some have referred diamond as a rock of intellect, assisting the mind to disconnect itself from unwanted thoughts, and fostering mental clarity to issues and perceptions that are necessary (Sunnyray). In meditative practices of various spiritual traditions, a picture of the most brilliant diamond was used in different cultural, mythical beliefs for over a thousand years.

Diamond can unite the mind and body preventing diseases such as cardiovascular defects. In endocrine systems, it stimulates glands as well assist in cases of skeletal and leukemia issues. Diamond improves the metabolism balance as well as improve eyesight (Sunnyray). It has been connected with the healing of capillary bleeding, and some have liked it with the power to resist addiction to cigarettes and too much food consumption.

An engagement diamond ring to a woman is important since it signifies a marriage proposal or an oath to marry the woman in a later date. Diamond rings was a tradition among the Italians who believed that the diamond was collected from ‘flames of love’ thus standing for eternal love (Mamashealth). It is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand of a woman. The finger is also believed that has a vein of love ‘vena amoris’ believed to be directly connected to the heart, and when the couple marries by exchanging the diamond rings on these particular fingers, then they are ‘joined at heart.’

In conclusion, diamond being the most exquisite mineral existing on earth with a strong covalent bond between carbons, with excellent luster and brilliance as well as the hardest mineral ever existed has great significance in my life, such that symbolizes affection, faithfulness, purity and innocence. Diamond harnesses closeness to divinity, improves healing of the physical body improve self-respect. Being referred to as a rock of intellect, it has aided the mind from disconnecting from unwanted thoughts. It has a healing power to diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, reduces addiction to excess foods and cigarettes. Finally, a diamond symbolizes connection of love between a man and a woman since it is believed to originate from flames of love.


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