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Islamic Religion


Islam as a religion and a culture once dominated the dominated the world in terms of development. It however lost its pride with the emergence of the western states on the list of the most developed countries. Such a move comes after the split of the traditional Islam and and the erosion of its culture by the western powers. One of the key factors that have played a key role in the erosion of the Islamic culture is education. Through proper education, some new Islamist have arisen in all aspects of the society ranging from the Political Islamist, economic Islamist, Social Islamist and the Religious Islamist. In all these areas, the impact is introducing the Islamic values in all aspects of the society. As time goes by however, the new breed of Islamists have become too militant and no longer hold on the values of the Islamic marriages but rather concentrate on the Love with Allah. The women therefore feel a loss of romance on the part of their men. The paper therefore seeks to expose the challenges facing Islam today, with a view of presenting solutions for overcoming them.

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The Challenges Facing Islam Today

Islam as a Dis uniting Religion

For a very long time in history, Islam is not only understood as a religion like Buddhism or Christianity but its recognized as a way of life that traverses all the sectors of the life. In short Islam is a lifestyle as opposed to a mere religion. The First aspect that brings a lot of Heat especially in Africa is the belief that traditionally, all African states were ruled under the Sharia law which derives from Islam. They push for the recovery of the same through the formation of Organizations such as the Islam in Africa Organization whose main aim is to create a virtual boundary between the Muslim community and the e entire world, composed of people from various diverse religions . Unlike the traditional Muslims whose aim was to advance their ambition of the Islamic religion in a more peaceful way, the modern Muslim engages a lot of radicalization in the achievement of this. The Muslims believe that the Islamic faith was the inaugural faith and the last one . They further advance the argument that Islam is a way of life and the shortest route towards seeing God. Part of the way of ensuring that the above values are induced to the whole world, a move to colonize the world using Sharia law, seems to have been the only weapon. The move has evoked a lot of tension and thus creating enmity between the Muslims and their Christian counterparts, the people that once existed in harmony.

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Islam as a Terrorist Group

Unlike traditionally where Islam was recognized as a religion just like Christianity and Buddhism, todays Muslim face a great challenge over what people term it as an extremist world. All manners of barbarism, violence, terrorism and primitivism are associated with the Islamic religion today . While it must be accepted that there exist Muslims, who cherish peace an follow the Islamic principles to the latter for the harmony and co-existence of all diverse groups in the world, the perfection is totally changed especially in the western countries. The situation arises due to the terrorist attacks occasioned by Al Qaeda at the Twins Towers in the United States of America and thus claiming a lot of lives. The same group attacked the US Embassy in Nairobi in the year 1998, claiming a lot of lives and injuring many more others. The situation has been replicated recently in France and Turkey something which has brought Islam at the center of the world for its brutality.

Islam as a coercion and not Choice

The Islamic religion today is no longer at the choice of an individual but rather as a coercion. For those who do not comply with the Islamic values of governance especially in the Islamic states in the Middle East, sanctions are imposed upon them. For the Muslim religion to regain its pride therefore the people must be taught the values for them to think of whether they ascribe to them or not. Coercion by itself may yield compliance from the people, but since its not their free choice, it would never inspire them in life. No person is born a Muslim but rather nurture into such. The Muslim community must therefore stop torturing people to follow its religion.

A Deviation from Quran

A traditional Islam based his teachings and character from the Quran. With the level of modernity today that comes with the rise of the presence of televisions and computers, the eradication of these Islamic morals it happening at a very first way. The Islam community is being driven by a way of life of some self-proclaimed groups as opposed to living by the message in the Quran . Such kind of ills in the society also arise as a result of the spread of violent acts and pornography in the digital platforms . These behaviors impact negatively on characters of the Islamic people and thus deviating from Allahs last message which was geared towards putting the Quran and the Hadith into practice.

The Loss of Democracy in Most Islamic Countries

Apart from Indonesia which is also the largest Islamic country in the world, all the other Islamic states in the world not cherish democracy. In the Middle East for example, most states are controlled by monarchs and dictators who do not lead according to the interests of the people but for their own selfish gains . Countries like, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, Iraq and Palestine are just but some of the countries with very poor leadership which has had such Kind of governments impact negatively of the people Of the Islamic faiths as their fundamental rights and freedoms are curtailed . The peoples voice seems suppressed in leadership and any attempt to speak out is met with a lot of violence and brutality.

Analysis of the Rampant Problems Facing Islam

At one point in the history of the world, Islam reigned at the top of the world. One of the factors that has contributed to a lot of the challenges facing Islam today, is the dominance of the western states. As a result of Colonialism particularly in the African Countries, the western powers, were able to exploit a lot of resources to build themselves economically, socially as politically, and thus downplaying Islam in the world . The exploitation of energy in the Middle East and African countries was also perceived by the Islamic states as a form of exploitation by these states. The end result therefore is the creation of a virtual rift between people of the Islamic faith and the rest of the world. As a result of the colonization of most of the Middle East countries who comprise of the high numbers of Muslims in the world, the traditional, economic, political and social ways cherished by the Islamic faith were totally shaken leading to a form of revenge. I slam was therefore split into states as opposed to just being a religion. The states have therefore engaged in a lot of supremacy battles with the western countries in a bid to reclaim their superiority in the world . The result is the total eradication of democracy in these states which is a western ideology. The terrorist groups arising today from the Muslim communities today, also have come up as a result of the tension between the Muslims and the western nations who majorly cherish Christianity . The tension has become too much that some western countries have even banned the wearing of the symbols of the Islamic faith in America. The violence, eradication of morals and the radicalization of the youths by the Islamic groups can only come to an end after differences between the two sides is resolved.

Another factor contributing to the troubles witnessed by the Muslims today is the suppression of their religion. Islam by itself means submission. While Muslims believe that the whole world must submit to Allah, The western countries hold the opinion that religion is responsible for underdevelopment. The idea gained momentum especially during the industrialization period. As a result of the thinking, most western nations embraced the idea that religion ought to be a private as opposed to a public issue. As a result, most of the nations embraced the secular religion in their borders. The idea conflicts with the Islam who believe that religion is a public affair. The reasons behind their proposition is the fact that they hold the view that unlike other religions, Islam is a way of life. They believe that the Islamic values must guide the social, economic and the political matters affecting the state. It is on this basis that Islam broke into states with the idea of fighting the spread of the western ideology. As technology advances, the religion continues to even further disintegrate leading to the problems and challenges witnessed today. The Islamic religion is therefore losing direction as religion and becoming more of a political and military movement hose aim is to suppress the western powers as opposed to teaching the values and morals in the society. The Islamic men have even abandoned their wives in presence that they are in love with Allah.

Remedy to the Challenges Facing Islam today

The challenges facing Islam today may be cured but with a lot of difficulty. First, the Islamic organization conference must do a lot of mobilization around the world to sensitize people about Islam as a religion of peace and which is totally separate from the Islamic state, Al-Qaida, Al Shabaab amongst other terrorist groups associated with it . Another solution to the looming Islamic challenges, is by the Islamic leaders stressing on the need for all the people subscribing to the faith to strictly follow the Quran and the Hadith as their common based for morality as opposed to the radicalization of the group through watching the most violent videos . The third solution towards managing the challenges is to fight for the dis integration of the Muslim societies to make the countries secular based. Having a state religion is the easiest way to colonization of the people which will always lead to resistance . The Middle East state governments must therefore take initiatives to embrace the freedom of worship in their countries as the gateway to inviting democracy.

In a way to ensuring a future free of controversies as a result of the religion, the Islamic teachers must take an initiative and teach the young Islamic Children how to read and interpret the Quran in a proper manner rather than radicalizing them. The children must be tough the morals and values that Allah expects them to live and abide by as opposed to their radicalization.

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In conclusion, some of the problems facing Islam today is the reliance of the changes brought about by the change in technology and industrialization in their teachings as opposed to the use of the Quran. The group has become a political and military movement as opposed to a religious faith. The split of Islam to states further present various challenges especially form the western states who cherish Christianity. There is therefore need for the younger Islamic generation to receive teachings on the essence of relying on the Quran for the discernment of their morality and values as opposed to the populist views of the violent groups.


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