Confucianism and Its Impact on the Formation

Confucianism is an integral part of Chinese history and culture. Confucian teachings influenced the formation of the Chinese national character, and even today, they are used as the canons of a harmonious life. However, each Chinese dynasty interpreted the ideas...

How to improve the education system

Education is the process of facilitating learning or acquiring knowledge, skills or habits through methods such as teaching, training or discussion; it is a vital aspect of every individual's life, and this is why it has been made a fundamental right globally.

Relevance of Geology Diamond to me

The field of geology comprises of researches on earth components and their processes. There are some reasons why geology has a significant effect on an individual life, especially mine. But first, think about floods, landslides, earthquakes, droughts...

Constitution Facing the Current Social Challenges

The role of the Constitution is crucial for the life of the American society today. Being written more than 200 years ago, this document still remains an effective tool to regulate the complicated relations in the democratic, but strongly diverse multinational society.

Effectiveness of Online Courses Compared to Face-to-Face Lectures

The Internet is about to provoke small revolution within one of the most conservative world, meaning the world of higher education. The Internet has actually surpassed university libraries as the major source for facts and data and it is also challenging face-to-face lectures as a teaching implement.


The role of graphology, the science of writing analysis, in the sphere of criminology is instrumental, because this science utilizes a vast scope of knowledge and resources in order to contribute to criminal investigations. Moreover, this discipline is used by professional graphologists to differ violent individuals from people who have a deviant behavior.