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Number Pi


When someone thinks of the infinity or integrity, a number of Pi may come to mind. Number

Description of the Movie

Pi appears to be Aronofskys brilliant debut… about a man driven mad by his quest for the universal mathematical language. The movie as a significant cultural phenomenon narrates about gifted scientist Maximillian Cohen engaged in the theory of numbers. The man thinks that everything in nature can be embraced via digits: he believes that math holds the key to everything the stock market, the weather, the future, and even God. A miserable scientist can carry out in his mind arithmetic calculations with large numbers, and, therefore, impresses Jenna, a girl next door that used to take advantage of a calculating machine. Max, a paranoid number theorist… believes that hes stumbled onto a secret mathematical message, and later he is being haunted by different people trying to find out a code of Gods name. Therefore, they may have discovered a key to the Universe.

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The movie has its turns and twists of the plot. Max lives a life of a loner, does not talk to anyone beside the girl next door, Devi, and his former teacher and scientist Sol Robson. Max is trying to make predictions concerning the stock exchange by making the calculations on self-created PC, Euclid. While making a new series of calculations, Euclid suddenly predicts miniscule numbers, and then outputs some 216-digit figure and burns down. Irritated Max throws a resulting printout. Next morning he uncovers that the prediction by Euclid was accurate. The affected scientist looks for a thrown printout in an urn but finds nothing. When he tells Sol about this, the teacher starts worrying. The old man says that he met some 216-digit number earlier while conducting his experiments. However, he insists that Max should not jump to conclusions but take a break.

In a cafe, a protagonist encounters Lenny Meyer, Hasid who makes the mathematical analyses of the Torah. Lenny shows some examples of Gematria, the coincidence of letters of Jewish alphabet with numbers, and explains that some people consider Torah a code sent by God. Max notices that one of Lennys examples consists of Fibonacci numbers. Later, the character meets Marcy Dawson, a representative of Wall Street agency, who proposes Max a new backroom PC chip Ming Mecca and expects him to share the results of research. By using this chip, Max launches a mathematical analysis of the Torah at Euclid. Before actual burning out, Maxs PC outputs 216-digit figure again. While a protagonist is writing down a number, he comes upon a revelation that this number is a system. A moment later a frenzy scientist loses consciousness. On waking, Max realizes that he can make predictions over stock indexes. Max has sore headaches and he discovers a quirky blister on his right temple. He visits Sol again and demands his explanations over all that happened, but an old man goes on claiming that the existence of Universal system is impossible.

Dawson and her personnel catch Max outdoors and attempt to force him to spell out the significant number. Lenny rescues the protagonist; however, he appears to be also ready to do anything to find out the number. Eventually, rabbi explains to Max that the number means the real name of God that Jews need to know in order to approach the messianic era. The number revealed itself only to Max, as a result he denies revealing it to anyone, considering himself a chosen one. The scientist heads for Sol again only to find out that his teacher is dead. In the teachers apartments he discovers mathematical notes with the same number. On returning home, he has another terrible headache and breaks down Euclid again. Similarly to the computers that output the same number before breaking, Max starts to pronounce the same sequence and loses consciousness. In his vision, he continues to articulate the combination in a wasteland. Devi wakes Max from oblivion; however, she is a hallucination too. Hero is left alone in his apartment and burns a sheet with the recorded number on it. Then he drills a skull. Later Max is sitting in the park and Jenna asks him how much will be 748 ? 238 (a result is approximately equal to pi). Smiling Max claims that he does not know the answer. He is peacefully watching the trees swaying in the wind.

Exposition of the Relevant Math

Number a mathematical constant equal to the ratio of circumference to its diameter length. It is denoted by the letter of the Greek alphabet ?. Pi is known as a number that possesses a function of irrationality. It can be calculated via specific fraction such as m/n. That counting number is decimal and infinite. The year 1794 is marked by Lamberts discovering of irrationality of the number. Later in 1794 and image3.png were recognized as transcendental by a marvelous scientist Legendre.

Transcendentalism of number pi was proved by professor of Konigsberg and later Munich Lindeman University. Felix Klein simplified the argument in 1894. Since in Euclidian geometry the area of circle and circumference are the functions of pi, the proof of transcendence of pi put an end to an argument on the quadrature of circle which lasted over 2, 500 years. Pi is an element of the ring periods and hence computable arithmetic and number.

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Manifestation of Math in Pi (1998)

Number pi is manifested in this film as a significant figure that likely defines the name of God. Different characters in the movie try to find out the sequence of numbers related to pi that comes to Maxs mind from time to time. However, a frenzy but intelligent scientist is the one to know the numbers and unwilling to tell them to others. He would rather die than tell the sequence to anyone and save the Universe from the unnecessary knowledge. Pi as a short-length film is more about the madness and tragedy of a single individual than mathematics, however, number pi plays an important role here. 216-digit number that Euclid outputs is presented in Aronofskys movie as a key to deciphering Gods name. Jews believe that they can discover the secrets of the Universe and approach the messianic epoch.

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The paper discusses the math-related topic in the short-length film by Aronofsky Pi. The movie is about the frenzy scientist Max who suffers from terrible headaches and, therefore, reveals some significant sequences connected to the number of pi. Those sequences might serve for deciphering the name of God. Max would never tell his secrets to anyone anyway. The essay also explains the arithmetical meaning of pi and manifestation of this topic in the cultural phenomenon.


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