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Minnesota D.O.T

The award of contract by Minnesota Department of Transportation to the company was right as the company exhibited high qualification in retrospect to the other companies. The Flatiron Company scored 91.47 over other unsuccessful bidders who scored 50s and 60s. The enormous difference depicts the capability the company had as compared to the other. As such, the score based upon Minnesota Department of Transportation formula that factored in the duration, cost of construction as well as evaluating of the technical aspect of their proposal.

On the other hand, as Minnesota Department of Transportation disputes that the companies presented with six exemptions related to road geometrics. Flatiron addressed all the six scenarios effectively. Nonetheless, the other bidding companies provided the solution to the exemptions of road geometrics.

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Additionally, the company’s evaluation was proficient as various construction aspects were effective. Three days prior to the construction, the team underwent layers of inspection. Thus, the details of construction geared to eliminate any doubts regarding the structural integrity of the bridge. The designer Figg Engineering Group, Tallahassee integrated multiple non-fracture-critical elements for maximum redundancy.

Nonetheless, the team employed high performance concrete that included fly ash as well as silica fume that reduced thermal cracks and permeability. Undoubtedly, Kevin MacDonald, vice president of engineering services for Cemstone products Company presented the double strength requirement as the foundation shafts reached 10,000 psi in twenty eight days. The bridge decks prestressed and bidirectionally post–tensioned. All steel for the bridge is epoxy-coated and has zinc-heavy metal protection.

Temporary shelters of plastic and canvas offered best temperatures needed to cure concrete in sub-zero temperatures during winter. Additionally, the construction expedition presented educational platform for colleges and school students. An outreach of April and May, 29 saw 29 schools touring the construction site as well as participate in the construction of glass mosaic tiles.

As such, the awarding of the company was appropriate as, the company fulfilled the requirements, had better fracture critical elements as well as proficient models.


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