Computer Crimes

Aug 3, 2018 in Description

Computer crime is considered as an illegal access to somebody’s belongings. The new term which defines it is called a cybercrime. In other words, it is a type of a crime which is committed by means of a computer. In today’s law there exist five types of cybercrime: computer fraud, computer trespass, theft of computer services, personal trespass by computer, and computer tampering (Dolatowski, Hall, Schmalleger, 2009).

Computer fraud is a type of a computer crime which makes it illegal to utilize a computer or computer network without any permission or authorization. Usually computer fraud has intentions to reach assets or services with the help of the imposture, to misappropriate or perform stealing, and to modify the assets of another (Dolatowski, Hall, Schmalleger, 2009).

The term computer trespass does not differ from the definition of the computer fraud; however it has some distinctions from it. For instance, the primary aim of committing computer trespass is deleting computer data, programs, or software from the computer or computer network. Moreover, it causes a computer breakdown or alteration of some computer software or programs. Additionally, one more consequence of a computer trespass is an injury to the assets of another (Dolatowski, Hall, Schmalleger, 2009).

Theft of computer services – is an illegal utilization of a computer or computer network without permission in order to take control under computer services. Personal trespass by computer is mostly considered as an illegal action towards somebody’s computer or computer networks with the aim of making harm to a person. Computer tampering is another term for dissemination of viruses and worms inside the computer in order to get and reveal the information or damage the computer (Dolatowski, Hall, Schmalleger, 2009).

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