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A Cycle in the 3 Civilizations

A Cycle in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece civilizations

Each day and each evening have the sunset and sunrise in its origin. The cycle of the human life is also nature-like: a child is born and an old man dies. However, that life cycle refers also to the strongest civilizations, such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece. Hence, the majority of them did not die, but rather continue their existence until modern age. Naturally, the common cycle is characteristic of all the greatest civilizations, and it can be divided into different phases that are the same for the humans.

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The birth

In regard to the birth, I would state that each civilization has its dawn. The particular culture and its differences identify the piece of land as one civilization with a certain group of people who live under the rule of one law. However, the importance of some countries was huge due to their first rulers and the respect that was developed during military conflicts and cultural transitions. Moreover, some countries appeared as the explicit goals of greater civilizations, eventually, some of them became even stronger than their fathers. The birth, in our case, identifies each country as the colony that lived its first years of the existence and tried to become meaningful.

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The adolescence

The adolescence in the ancient civilizations is usually referred to the period of their least significance. The performance of those civilizations was worse compared to other countries due to their lack of cultural development and poverty. However, only those who learned how to develop in the political arena could survive that period and grow as strong mature countries.


All countries go through the specific period when their international relations are questionable. Their political significance of the ancient civilizations was still low, but their potential was overvalued by political figures inside the country. As a result, they made different unnecessary decisions, like the unfair trade path development or other wrong choices that destructed their countries financially. Sometimes, the destruction had a military effect too because they had to fight in the war or some related issues. That is the period when the country was not destroyed but slowed down its development.

Young adulthood

Early ages of adulthood for any of those three civilizations was described as the financial balance that was found by politicians. Civilizations found the way to reach stability through international cooperation and that was easy due to the trade agreements. All nations needed the path to sell their goods, for this reason, it was significant for all to establish the best cooperation. That phase was usually defined as the fastest because when financial stability was obtained by any of the countries, they soon found the way how to establish the rapid growth of their economy and military power. That age also correlates with the civilization authorities, thus, the best rulers could also have a great impact on that development. Only strong rulers could stimulate the considerable growth of their country to make it blossom long.


The adulthood is usually the most significant phase for any country. When some of them develop, they make no threat to others. However, as soon as their performance became mature and their economic stability started to impress the others, those civilizations decided to spread their significance on the political arena. The countries started to conquer some smaller provinces and sometimes their military greed overwhelmed their ability to stand against military titans. That is the most crucial point in any development because the country usually represents a threat to others, but big civilizations can outnumber them and destroy the whole nation. Therefore, the resistance and resilience play a significant role in that phase. Diplomatic ways to solve any issues became the most useful choice for everyone. On that stage, countries had to pass some of their privileges in order to survive and display their importance in the political arena. These countries usually showed the world what they could offer to make others think about the benefits of cooperation rather than fight against each other.

Late adulthood

The late adulthood is the trickiest phase of any civilization. It is hard to track it because civilizations usually did not conflict with any other civilizations during this period. In this phase, they were gaining knowledge and strength. Moreover, they were developing their science, culture, literacy, relations, and economy. That stage defines their ability to manipulate and overcome those who were weaker. Political intrigues and wars were avoided, but they attended them sometimes to fulfill their needs.

Old Age

In the old age of the civilization, it represents the titanic power that is a huge threat to other nations. Moreover, the ancient countries avoided mistakes to hold their political position. Hence, their science and the overall wellness were rising each day to conquer other countries. Even a loss did not impact their overall stability much because they can find resources to take the territory back from their offenders.By using our services, you will be satisfied because our staff consists of

The death and resurrection

Any civilization reaches the peak of their strength and falls. The death is not usually defined by the existence of specific nation on the world map, but it is rather related to its loss of power. However, the resurrection is possible sometimes, so that different dynasties and different monarchs can rule the country differently. The rise and fall of the greatest civilizations are usually related to the war that had changed some patterns in the world politics. Besides, military problems did not always result in the loss of the civilizations authority. The death of the monarch that knew what to do with the country to make it better and stronger could also lead to a significant change. Moreover, the civil movements could also damage the country in the long run. Furthermore, the trade path could change, or some goods could extinct, so the country can face strong issues that might not have appeared due to their mistake. Hence, some other great political figures obtained the power in other countries and overcome the chosen civilization. All of these issues are usually unpredictable. Because of this, it is hard to deal with them. The problems usually result in the death of the country rather than one temporary change. Therefore, the resurrection is possible only if the civilization changes completely. That can be done due to different reformations or international acts that help civilizations to strengthen their positions on the world map rather than disappear.

To summarize the issue, it should be mentioned that any civilization, as well as any organization in the world, cannot last forever with the constant performance. Sometimes, civilizations can blossom under the rule of the specific monarch or downgrade under the rule of another one while a small civil movement can also change the whole country on its own. Moreover, it is impossible to think about all possible impact that other countries can provide, so, it is hard to say the point when these civilizations encounter any of the previously mentioned phases. Obviously, any civilization enters the same cycle of the development which means that each of the greatest civilizations was once unimportant before they became strong and stable. Hence, any child has to learn how to walk before fighting adults and old men.


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