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Leonardo Da Vinci

A man of many talents, a legend in art and science, music and literature, an Italian treasure and one of the most famous inventors in the world’s history – Leonardo Da Vinci. The genius of the Renaissance, this man with varied curiosity and “God’s imagination” surprises everyone even nowadays. It is like Leonardo wasn’t a human-being, like he is one of the super humans and super minds of all times. Being born in an ordinary family in hard times, he became an icon for many painters and inventers. Leonardo Da Vinci is often described as a typical Renaissance man; famous for his greatest works in art, such as Mona Lisa, mysterious The Last Supper and Madonna of the Rocks; famous for his works and inventions in biology, astronomy, paleontology and geography; famous for his flying creations. What is it so fascinating about this man? What is his real influence now and in those times he was born? What was his background? What things did inspire him? Is there any explanation on how this simple man can be such a genius in everything?

One of the interesting facts from the biography of Leonardo Da Vinci is that this man was left-handed

Of course, for many people nowadays it wouldn’t be a surprise, but among artists and writers this fact caused more than just a simple amazement. However, some sources are telling that Leonardo Da Vinci could perfectly write with the help of  both his right or left hands. In those times people even thought that Leonardo was sick and that his genius was nothing more than an illness. However, let’s not forget that throughout his life, Da Vinci worked and created for some of the benefactors, such as Cesare Borgia, Giuliano de Medici and even for French king Francois I. This fact could explain that Leonardo was something different, a mysterious human-being, but not a schizophrenic. Moreover, even though his drawings are of a Renaissance style, they are quite different from the works of his colleagues. Leonardo Da Vinci drew everything: from the moments in his life, nature and the beautiful examples of architecture, till portraits and anatomical pictures. His anatomical drawings are very accurate with bones, muscles, and veins. These painting are the symbolic ones. They showed the duration of life, how it begins and ends. One of his most famous works still is the drawing of Mona Lisa, the portrait of a woman with enchanting and in the same time mysteriously wry smile; the smile full of secrets. Everything about this unknown woman, the way she sits, the way her arms are resting, tells about piece and silence.

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Moreover, exactly her face is the center and the main element of the portrait

It is drawn in brighter colors than her surrounding and clothes. It feels, however, like there is a certain distance between the artist and the model. There are also several hypotheses about who is drawn on this picture. Some of them claim that Leonardo Da Vinci has drawn himself on this painting, while others state that it could be either his beloved woman, or a picture of an ideal woman. Anyway, Mona Lisa still stays a masterpiece and a secret of her painter that caused a creation of books and movies around it that continues even nowadays. Another his famous work of art is Vitruvian Man. It is not just a simple drawing, but a structure of a human body, its proportions. It is drawn with a pen and ink on a simple paper. The man on this drawing is painted two times: the first man stands still with his arms apart, then the second model of a man is drawn with legs and arms apart. Vitruvian Man, again as Mona Lisa, is the model, the drawing of an ideal man, and as his previous famous paintings, it was numerously used in advertisement, movies, movie posters, and novels in our times.

Vitruvian Man is considered to be an example of the Renaissance humanism

Despite his drawings, Leonardo Da Vinci was famous for his notes. In these notes there were hidden his secrets and the techniques he used for his inventions. Almost 4000 pages of his notes has survived until today. 

Leonardo Da Vinci is famous in all times

The king of France has honored and was proud of him like of some treasure he gained. Many men and women now and then wait for their turn, their time just to see the masterpieces of the artist. Moreover, people wear t-shirts and drink from cups with Da Vinci’s art on them. The admiration and adoration of his works are described in many books, shown in many films about Leonardo Da Vinci. His scientific inventions, theories, all were based on very detailed observations. Leonardo Da Vinci was probably the only one artist of his time that understood what observations meant for science and its development. He was the one who created hydrometer, described the nature of fossils, explained blood circulation, the structure of muscles and bones, the processes of eyesight and many other valuable inventions that are used and studied even in our times. The unique genius, a man talented from God, he made inventions almost in every branch of life. There are many sculptures and monuments throughout the world dedicated to this artist of Renaissance. It doesn’t even matter if years or centuries have passed, the posture of Leonardo Da Vinci and his masterpieces will live and stay famous forever.


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