Sep 20, 2018 in Art

 The 31st of October is the day when all Americans turn to celebrate Halloween. In the country I come from (Saudi Arabia), we do not have holidays similar to Halloween, but in general, I I like it. First of all, it is my favorite American-like holiday, because when I just arrived to the USA I have got lucky to participate in it. Though we do not have an officially adopted holiday like Halloween, my friends and I tried to organize something similar just for fun. However, it did differ from the way it is celebrated in the USA. Here, it seems to me that everyone turns to decorate their houses with scary characters and lights. Everyone is indeed participating in the holiday so that the atmosphere of mystery, fear, and suddenness is mixed up with fun, music, and parties with old friends. Regardless of age, people try on the scariest costumes and curve pumpkins.

 It is actually the day specially created for the flow of imagination as everyone can create the costumes he or she wants and which would be unique one. In addition, only during this day, everyone can pretend to be someone like death, Elizabeth II, Capitan Jack, or simply a ghost. Furthermore, it is very interesting to learn something new about the people you know for years or just a week. The characters they choose and the costume they wear in combination with a bit of craziness always lead to communication. Special attention should also be paid to the sweeties as the day after Halloween everyone enjoys their variety found everywhere: in the pockets, scarves, sweaters, pants, etc.

 The scary movies and TV shows which come out in the movies and theatres all the night also contribute to the creation of the atmosphere of fear and mystery. In addition, I like ghost and other scary stories we used to tell while sitting around the campfire during the Halloween night. When people grow up, the celebration transforms a little bit into the crimpy parties going on everywhere so that everyone can show up scary, sexy, weird, or funny. Just as I have mentioned, there is no limit for the imagination. This holiday could be fun for any person of any age; that is why I truly admire the Halloween holiday.

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