September 10, 2018 in Analysis
Puritans Essay

At the present moment, modern society is very liberal and allows people to determine what they want to do with their lives and how they want to act. This is a huge contrast to Puritan society which was very strict and harsh, and differed greatly from the current society. 

First of all, one has to compare religious attitudes which existed then, and which are common now. During Puritan times, people viewed Bible as the main laws, and they followed it blindly although their interpretations of the Bible could be very strict and taken out of context. Nowadays, people are less fanatical about religion, and they combine religious laws with common sense and overall liberalization of everything in society. 

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Second of all, Puritan society left no room for independence and being unique because people were required to act as everybody else in order to be viewed as decent citizens led by Bible. People nowadays have more freedoms and can express themselves without fear of being judged if they are different from others. 

Female positions and roles have changed greatly in the modern society comparing to the Puritan one. Puritans viewed women as inferior to men because they considered women to be sinful by nature. Hence, the only way for a woman to act and express oneself was through family because her main duty was to take care and educate the children as well as obey her husband. Nowadays, society is no longer unequal because women have the same rights as men and can do whatever they want including getting high education, working, and holding high posts in the government, etc.

As one can see, society has evolved greatly comparing to the one in Puritan times because people let go of religious fanaticism and became more focused on individual freedom, self-development and the ability to express oneself and improve.


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