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Future According to Hume and Nietzsche


Hume and Nietzsche are philosophers who present the significance of human imaginations by arguing that correlations are equal to causations. However, in some instances, the philosophers present the opposite. Hume developed philosophical arguments that present perspective in a manner that human imaginations are the step stones that enhance the development of advancement. For instance, the current advancement in technology was previously a mere human imagination. Nevertheless, the relation between two things should emanate from a constant correlation rather than an existing relationship in the bare world. On the other hand, Friedrich Nietzsche in his philosophical works empirically focused on the relationship between histories and linguistics. He argues that as human beings evolve in terms of technology, behavior and custom, the same should be reflected in the evolution of linguistics. Therefore, after a couple of years, people are likely to change on how they pronounce and write. As a result, their interactions and ways of life will absolutely change. These issues as anticipated in the next one hundred years as portrayed by David Hume and Friedrich Nietzsche and are critically focused in this paper.

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Describe the world you see and the events you witness on this day

The world as perceived after one hundred years by David Hume will have undergone not only technological advancement but also behavioral and customs revolutions. However, this is totally different with the flow of events in the current world. According to me, there is no connection between causation and correlation in the current world. This is as well focused by David Hume. According to him it is quite unfortunate that this may even be the opposite. For instance, in his insight discussion pertaining causation, he argues that all that people perceive to be causal relationship between an aspect A and B tends to be an understanding of the steady union of the events that are accomplished through human perception.

In this regard, causation is where an individual is tempted to merely argue that certain relationships result from experiencing certain constant correlation between two co-current events as opposed to the existing relationship. The existing relation, in this case, is the actual relation that avails certain discoveries and advancements. For instance, most are the times when people argue that necessity is the mother of invention. However, I perceive that this is not the case since at times human beings end up inventing some things that are not fueled by necessity. Realistically, some inventions are availed by nature and others are accidental. Fundamentally, this aligns with David Hume argument since world is built on laws, non-observable and theoretical things. Therefore, I can assert that the phase of the current world is not enhanced by a relationship between correlation and caution rather is existence is fueled by a myriad of factors.

Language, a vital necessity in our societies, countries, continents, and the world at large is dynamic. I am of the idea that linguistics has never been constant but rather it is dynamic and keeps changing from time to time in the current world. For instance, new words are being discovered day after day and people are going out of social limits to learn new words and languages. For example, this is explained by a wide number of Chinese learning English, Spanish and African languages, such as Swahili. Most importantly, some worlds used in a particular languages are directly borrowed from different languages, what changes is the pronunciation. According to Friedrich Nietzsche linguistics does not only include spoken words but also inculcates images and ideas. Most importantly, language also defines the moral endorsed by an individual and therefore, compromising linguistics implies eroding morals that are inherent to human beings. Therefore, in this case people leave by the set rules and moral frame work. For instance, every country has freedom, rights, rules and regulations that are stipulated by their constitution. This affirms the fact that the current world is built on linguistics and historians as portrayed by Friedrich Nietzsche who was a moral relativist.

What kinds of physical and mental experiences do you have?

David Hume and Friedrich Nietzsche philosophical arguments impact individuals with mental and physical experiences. In this regard, David does not extend people’s custom reign at the expense of their reasoning. However, his theory undermines the natural rational harmony from which universal moral imperatives are derived from. David presents a mental experience that drives people to argue that the world external orders were not a discovered through reasons rather it emanated from principles guiding the human nature. Therefore, I can state that there is no order that is attributed to the world phenomenon. However, the current order of the world is based on logical validation. The ideas and orders spring from our imaginations and explain what it holds.

Additionally, I believe that it is clear that there is a direct link between morality and material wealth. For instance, David Hume argues that material wealth leads to good life, in this case if one has an active policy in terms of religion and tradition it is unlikely that morality will prevent certain mode of conducts. The world is also in a consistent dynamic change and growth in terms of economic and social life.Furthermore, history is the mother of linguistics and as history changes, linguistics must change. Therefore, I believe that morality is also dynamic.

How do people speak (how are sentences formed)?

Speaking is a process learned aimed at passing message between two or more people. For the purpose of speaking sentences must be formed. Thus, in order to analyze how people speak, one must identify how sentences are formed. The construction of the sentence emanates from the willingness. Free will has been regarded as the charm which is strong enough to refute an individual. Through this one is able to speak the will and to make it known across the world. Evidently, willingness helps to avoid complications and in return unify words to present a complete idea. This is vital since it eliminates prejudice that is at the back of the minds of philosophers. Thinking, complex sensation and command serves a major driver in speaking. Furthermore, willingness and freedom to speak are essential in speaking. Through this systematic approach speaking is achieved.

How do people interact with each other and the world around them?

People use different modes of interactions based on technological advancement. In this case, technology has reduced the distance and has created more social networks. Friedrich Nietzsche is very critical on morality sine he argues that people care not to exchange the set morality as they interact. He argues that as people interact, they may at times result to violence and this will probably affect their well-being. Additionally, people at times tend to use anarchical mode of interaction whereby they end up messing everything around them and makes living miserable. People also interact economically through economic policies including economic development and evolution. People also interact as they focus on their history, at one time or another in history certain groups of people might have been in contact.by use of comparative statics it is most likely that these groups of will again come into contact. Through this, it means people will have interacted with one another and the world around them.


To sum up, David Hume and Friedrich Nietzsche have played a significance role in the current situation of the globe. This has been achieved through actual correlation and caution. This has helped to streamline technology, morals, linguistics just but to mention a few. The two philosophers have gone beyond the borders to present and elaborate how the world will be one hundred from now. It is anticipated that technology will have changed, linguistics and history will have advanced and morals governing people’s life will have changed. This implies that the world is dynamic and keeps changing.


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