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Film Techniques

The film in question is classical in style since it follows the form of cause effect relationship. The film seeks to point out some the narrative techniques used in the piece of art. The story talks of a young ladies and gentlemen who go out in the woods to explore without realizing they had been set up to be sacrificial lambs. The writer seeks to reveal the hidden meaning behind the characters used. Two characters are used to reveal the genre techniques employed by the writer. An example is a case where the plot is revealed by the writer when he talks of the Zombies which are imaginary creatures living in the woods. The theme of religion and cultural beliefs is revealed by the writer emphasizing the fact that at least a sacrifice had to be made to the evil gods of the land. According to the writer, the gods can only be made dormant when the four teens die and one survives.

Film styles are techniques that have been used in this film in a recognizable way to give it a specific taste to their work. It involves aspects like dialogue, sound and attitude. Each film director develops their own unique style of making films. In this film, Cabin in the woods, there is a dialogue between Dana and Marty. This comes almost at the end of film when the two survive death in the hands of the Zombies. The major aspect that brings the difference in filmmaking styles is the mise-en-scene which helps to reveal similarities in narrative and brings meaning to a film. The style used by the filmmaker of the cabin in the woods movie is the classical style. This is because the writer tells the story in a chronological way revealing the cause effect relationship. Classical style usually has guidelines which should be followed by the writers. In this piece of art, events unfold one after the other in a chronological way. The five teens leave home and travel to the woods to see the cabin offered to Curt by a cousin he had never heard of. It follows that as they go to the woods, they manage to see the cabin and even get in. They eventually learn that it is an isolated place inhabited by horrifying creature. They eventually embark on an escape mission for their safety. The curiosity exhibited by the teens lead them to touch the occult objects the find in the cellar. They are pumped with some chemicals which make them act more aggressively and feel like having sex. This leads them to explore the cabin even more. Marty for example is able to notice that all was not well with them. Curt and Jules go ahead and even agree to go out and have sex. These sequences of events reveal a cause effect relationship.

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Narrative is a tool used in this film to enhance knowledge transfer and sharing that helps in memory especially perceived and constructed memory. Narrative form aims at communicating meaning rather in a non-neutral manner. It is therefore used as by the filmmaker in storytelling. Narrative analysis focuses not on the experiences of the past but rather on a given time’s experience. Relating to the five characters in cabin in the woods, each piece of the story is given a different face. There are no historical experiences cited. The film starts by giving a mental picture of humans fighting monsters. The writer shows the audience a scene where the five teens are in their Winnebago heading to the cabin. The film goes on to give the events that follow without giving a detailed historic background of the five teens. In addition, very little is said about their life at home apart from their experience in the woods. The film brings a different scene of the teens exploring the cabin despite having been warned by the fuel attendant. No historical experiences are talked of about the teens. Besides this, another scene is brought of the they decide to drink as a way of having fun. This is followed by their experience of being attacked by Zombies which started with Jules. The film uses the narrative technique to cast the film. The writer does not talk about the history of the cabin but gives the belief about it. According to him, the cabin is a place where evil gods are found and so is not a safe place for humans.

The one formal technique easily recognizable in this film is the use of narrative. The writer gives a series of events that are interconnected and are actual. At some point, he talks of the teens reading the journals in the cellar. This journal specifies the choice of the monster that would kill them. This is followed by Jules going out with Curt then she is attacked by the first Zombie. The events unfolds when the rest of the teens lock themselves inside for safety. In addition, a visual image is created when the writer talks of Marty forgetting to barricade his window. The writer says the Zombie bursts in through the window attacked Marty and killed him. This brings out the imaginary fantasy when the scientists imagine the whole world being saved by the death of the four teens. They fantasize a success in the endeavor since the same had failed in most of the regions.

Fiction is also evident as a form of narrative in the film. This is evident when the writer talks of a ballerina demon with its mouth full of teeth. The dialogue between Marty and Dana reveal their feelings. Dana apologized for almost killing Marty and Marty also apologizes for not saving her from the Werewolf. The conversation therefore reveals that the two did not hate each other but were under instructions from the scientists. It also helps the audience to understand some of the personality traits of the characters. For example For example the gas station attendant portrays a courteous personality. He warns the teens from going to the cabin telling them the dangers involved. The teens on the other hand stand for the daring personality. Despite the warning they go ahead and risk their lives by exploring the cabin. The writer also uses a lot of creativity through the way he describes the events in the film. The description of the people and the events forms a mental image in the minds of the reader. He for example describes the landscape of the woods, the events that took place and even the characters. In addition, he also able to describe the Cabin which teens went to explore while in the woods. This therefore makes the story more interesting and appealing to the audience.

Narrative is used as a technique in this piece of art to give deeper meaning to the story. Some of the elements of the narrative used include character, plot, style and theme. The writer uses all these to give the visual picture of the woods where the two ladies went to. Besides, plot is used when the writer describes the physical location where both characters are found. The writer uses imagery as a tool to help the reader understand his work of art. The monsters and demons talked of are described by the writer as though they were visible. There is also the use of personification when the writer describes the facial appearance of the ballerina demon. Werewolf and demons are give personality features of humans a narrative style which enhances the film with creatively and imagery. In addition, the writer mentions Zombies which in the real world do not exist but are a representative of the monsters that are common in the old myths.

The writer of the Cabin in the woods used a lot of rich style to enhance his narrative. He made it more attractive by choosing the classical style in his work. He goes ahead to use characters to reveal some of the practical life scenarios to pass on his message. Imagery is also used in this work to give the audience a meaningful entertainment. Besides, the writer uses creativity in describing every little bit that can add value to the story to captivate the audience. Dialogue is also used as a narrative tool to make the story more interesting and entertaining. It also helped to add weight to the described personalities of the characters mentioned in the piece of art. The use of narrative in this work plays the role of helping future audiences of the story to learn from the characters’ lifestyles. The writer also uses flash back as a way of revealing some of the underlying information behind the lives of the characters. All these therefore give the work of art a more appealing and entertaining touch to the audience. The writer makes the film more horrifying when he describes some of the creatures found in the woods. He talks of different kinds of aliens including giant bats and giant pyramid mantis.


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