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Bag Laundry Service Project Plan Essay

Bag Laundry Service Project Plan


Consumers’ needs and preferences are growing and it is evident for all organizations offering services. This dynamics has necessitated the continued research in identifying new products as well as adding values to the existing products to ensure consumer satisfaction as well optimization of revenues. As a result, a lot investments are made in order  to enhance achievement of the aforesaid goals. After 5 years of offering laundry services, our company has been able to meet our clients’ expectations through quality and selfless commitment to our services. The demand for our services has been growing continuously. The returns that we get as well as our share of the market are the confirmation of our striving to excellence.

With time our customers’ demands changes and they started enquiring regarding the handbags and shoe services. From the current survey and feedback collected from our customers, it is evident that there is a niche in the service industry. The availability of this niche necessitated the idea by Ridsson Blue Hotel to offer services in shoes and handbags cleaning. The company had to strategize on how to incorporate the new idea into its strategic plan so as to be in line with the goals and objectives of the hotel.

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In order to implement this idea a lot of resources ranging from financial to human power are required. Given that Ridsson Blue Hotel receives quite a substantial number of people from  around the world, there is a need to engage modern equipment as well as expertise that meet the needs of every client. Therefore, the hotel will have to allocate more financial resources towards recruitment of employees who are specialized in offering the cleaning of handbag and shoes services. The other needed resources will be specialized equipment to clean and ensure safe custody of our customers’ shoes and handbags. 


Ridsson Blue Hotel was created in 2000 in order to provide hospitality services such as international cuisine, conference facilities, accommodation and a furnished lounge. In addition to that, the hotel offers laundry services, mainly to customers who are accommodated in the hotel.  The hotel operates in Qatar, a country known for its attractiveness as a tourist destination. The target market is the large number of tourists who visit the country as well as business people who seek greener pastures from its growing business ventures. The hotel is commonly known for its exquisite Chinese cuisine, which is prepared by our highly competent international chefs. Ridsson Blue Hotel provides top notch security to safeguard its ever increasing number customers from different countries. 

The hotel has been able to establish itself in Qatar due to its services. The incorporation of our laundry services was initiated after a few years of operation. To ensure that we provided the best laundry services, our hotel purchased the latest hi tech laundry machines. On top of that, the management recruited highly trained personnel to run these machineries and equipment. The professionalism of our team members ensured that the services offered meet the needs of our customers. 

To ensure that our sales level was maintained, our highly specialized waitresses and waiters handled and welcomed our customers in a professional manner. These ensured that our customers were pleased with our services and always came back and also referred others to our hotel. Thanks to that our hotel became profitable. Over the years our revenues have been on an upward trend and our latest financial revenues were about $120 Million.

Current Processes

  • Receiving calls from clients enquiring about our services and accommodation availability.
  • Price quotations.
  • Room booking and reservations.
  • Receiving guests and showing them to their reserved rooms.
  • Offering of services, such as serving of meals and drinks, as well as laundry services.
  • Signing off clients after their stay in the hotel. A suggestion box is available for comments.

Because of our existence in the market for a substantial amount of time, we have sharpened our experiences and have been able to address most of the challenges we are facing in the industry.

Overview of the Project

Over the years, our client base has been increasing in numbers. From our research we have been able to conclude that almost half of our clients are returning customers, the other half is composed of referrals and new customers. We owe our increasing balance sheet to these royal clients and it is for this reason we are committed to offer services that are second to none. We have got the idea of offering bags and shoes cleaning services after the majority of our clients enquired about it. Given that the majority of the clients were visiting for business reasons and others preferred the hotel for the outstanding conference facilities, it is no doubt that time is a imperative factor to many of these clients.

Given that this is a new service and has not been offered anywhere in Qatar, there are no comparables in terms of demand for the service, profitability, machinery to perform work with, as well as availability of trained staff to provide the service. The hotel management, therefore, bears the responsibility to search for equipment, train our own staff as well as bear advertisement costs to make people aware about the availability of a new service. 

 Currently the hotel is being faced with space challenge for expansion. For this reason some clients were turned away when the hotel has been already fully booked. The management is deliberating to acquire some extension space which will resolve these challenges. This will make it easier to set up a new unit as well as accommodate more clients.


General Approach

Managerial Approach

Given that our organization is in service industry it is a definite advantage. Even though what the hotel intends to offer is a new service, the idea of offering laundry services has in one way or the other equipped the operations manager with some skills, which can be useful once the new project is rolling.  Being a new service, we will have to acquire new machineries and world class trained staff to enhance provision of high class services. The equipment will be sourced from the best suppliers in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. 

Technical Approach

The fact that this is not our area of specialization but only a niche to meet our clients demand as well as to make some extra revenues, there is a need to engage an expert who deals with the equipment that we require. The supplier will be responsible for fixing the machinery as well as avail time for servicing the equipment and handle breakdowns. At first, it will not be economical to employ a technical staff since this is a new business and we have to focus on minimizing costs.



Budget Constraints

Resources are scarce and have to be allocated in such a manner that we can get an optimum return for each dollar we invest. The hotel is investing in a new project which has not been implemented elsewhere in Qatar. As a result, a lot of capital expenditure will come into play. A feasibility study will be conducted by the management to ensure that all expectations of the project have been met and enhance preparedness for uncertainties. The question of whether to buy or lease will come in sight in order to ensure maximum profits while maintaining minimum costs. Other expenditures will be for hiring new staff and training them.

Space Constrains

In the recent past, the hotel has been struggling with increase in the number of visitors, and this has prompted the need to acquire an additional space to expand the operations. The success of this project is dependent on how soon some expansion space is acquired.  The space currently available is only enough to accommodate a small project, which is not economical and cannot effectively serve an overwhelming number of visitors.

Staff Availability

 The hotel is introducing a new project which is the first one in the whole Qatar. This translates to non-availability of trained manpower locally that can effectively perform the task. As a result, the hotel is faced with two options; either hire staff locally and then hire a professional who can train them, or hire already experienced staff from other countries. Given that the risk factor for this project is high, it will only be prudent to involve the option that minimizes the cost.

Meeting Customers’ Orders on Time –

From the numerous requests made by clients it is evident that the need for the new service may be overwhelming. Contributing factors such as inadequate space and staff availability may hinder achieving 100% satisfaction rate for our clients.  There is, therefore, the need to address this challenge after observing the response rate within the first six months of operation.

Safety Regulations

Our main business is provision of accommodation, conferences, international cuisine and other rider services. Provision of cleaning services requires use of chemicals. Some of these chemicals are toxic while others produce awful smell which is irritating. In addition, noise from machinery and waste produced may be disturbing as well as cause environmental pollution. For this reason, the management has to incorporate waste management services that are in line with the authority regulations, as well as put measures to ensure that visitors enjoy their stay as much as possible.

Advertisement Challenges

Advertisement takes a major part of product developments cost. Given that this is a new package, a lot of cost will be involved in making product awareness to the consumers. This has to go in line with identifying the right media to advertise as well the right message to pass to make the consumers relate well with the new service.

Personnel Table

Work Breakdown Structure

A work breakdown structure refers to splitting down a project to simpler units for easier management. It is necessary to apply this in our project to enhance achievement of the hotel’s objectives. Advantages include: 

  • Easy way of assigning responsibilities
  • Allows proper planning of time, cost as well as the risk
  • Facilitates project organization
  • Helps to explain to the stakeholders the scope of the project.

Project adoption process 100

Deliverable 1 Feasibility study 110

Activity 1 conduct feasibility study 111

Activity 2 Receive technical approval 112

Activity 3 Get management sign-off 113

Deliverable 2 Vendor Selection 120

Activity 1 Research tools 121

Activity 2 Qualify suppliers 122

Activity 3 Negotiate price and terms 123

Activity 4 Approval of contracts 124

Deliverable 3 Design 130

Activity 1 Identify floor space 131

Activity 2 Drawings 132

Activity 3 Approve design 133

Deliverable 4 Engineering 140

Activity 1 Identify site for machinery 141

Activity 2 Equipment layout 142

Activity 3 Layout approval 143

Deliverable 5 Prototype Testing 150

Activity 1 Set up a trial runs 151

Activity 2 Trial runs 152

Activity 3 Checking quality of  outcome 153

Activity 4 Treatment and alignment 154

Deliverable 6Packaging and Storage160

Activity 1 Product coding by name 161

Activity 2 Packaging of product 162

Activity 3 Delivery to storage room 16

Activity 4 Collection by clients 164

Responsibility Assignment Matrix

A responsibility assignment matrix is a table which shows various roles in completing a task against the responsible participants. It identifies various persons that will participate in achieving a certain goal.

Key Responsibility Roles


This indicates the personnel who work to achieve the task required. In a given organization, there is at least one individual responsible to deliver the task though it can be delegated to a few more individuals to facilitate completion of a given task.


This refers to the individual who is to be answered to in a given task.  He/she is the one who delegates duties to those who are responsible. In this regard, he is the one who signs off a given task


This refers to those who are informed about the progress of the project. They do not participate directly and sometimes are only informed on completion of a given task.


These are project experts. Their opinion is sought before the beginning of a given task.

In the case of Ridsson Blue Hotel, the above team of six individuals will oversee the implementation of the new project to its completion. 

In conclusion, the idea of introducing a new line of business for Ridsson Blue Hotel is a noble idea. Given that this is a service that the clients have been asking for, it is no doubt that the response rate will be overwhelming and return on capital will be impressive. The shoe and handbags washing service is the first one in Qatar. This implies that the hotel will be elevated as a world class player and at the same time be identified for creation of new ideas and opportunities. Being a dedicated service provider of hospitality services, this will change the industry to bring in competitiveness as well as more comfort to our visitors.


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