Aug 3, 2018 in Sociology

There are basic rules that can describe the world around us

These rules are the types of knowledge sociologists create. I have found the topic of the social construction of reality very interesting. Sociology is important as it may show the inner and outer worlds a person lives in. I would like to learn more about the relations people from different cultures have. One of my friends is from another country, thus, I would like to get the knowledge of this aspect of a social life.

Speaking about the “giants” of the discipline, Émile Durkheim is of the greatest interest to me. It would be useful to apply his ideas of ties that bind people together to studying the connections people have in the social networks (personal information profiles).

I also find the question of intended and unintended consequences to be the most crucial and interesting. I believe that our lives are the consequences of the choices we make every day. As a result, I might examine my personal life by reading and analysing my diary.

There is a popular idea that a crowd of people is a combination of individual characteristics of every person. In my opinion, crowds are dangerous, and they have no individual factors. Any crowd can be easily manipulated by a leader. This aspect should be interesting to examine.

Personal experience is based on human feelings and thoughts which create a subjective reality for every individual. I find sociology important because it can help to understand personal experiences in terms of objective reality. The most interesting and essential issues to me are those about actions and their results and consequences. I have not focused on my major yet, but I am sure that whatever career I choose, it will be connected with people. That is why, I may use the knowledge that sociology provides in any sphere. 


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