Aug 3, 2018 in Medicine

The principal goal of medicine is to cure diseases and to prevent their further emergence. Although medicine is developed enough nowadays, there are some possible ways to improve it even better. Methods which are going to be presented in this review represent current technology innovations in healthcare. The primary purpose of technology application in healthcare is to reduce numbers of patients at all costs. There are few possible ways to reach progress in this area. The most prominent are the following discussed methods.

Mobile health is considered to be the most promising component. There is no exaggeration when people say that doctors are in love with their mobile devices. For instance, according to the Healthcare Week 2012 Survey, approximately 66 % of doctors are using their tablets or iPads for medical purposes (Cerrato 2012). The idea implies that tablets, iPads, or other i-production provide doctors access to EHR data, drug prescriptions, patients’ information, and fast admission to their treatment that allows saving a lot of time (Cerrato 2012). 

Another important healthcare technology innovation was developed in 2011. It is the computer called “Dr. Watson.” Researchers at IBM helped doctors to make more accurate diagnoses, write correct prescriptions, and indicate appropriate treatments. It is the device doctors can rely on; it also keeps track of patients’ history and aids in treatment of their condition (Lee 2013).

The last but not the least technology innovation in healthcare is called Sherpaa (Burke 2013). This is a real-time center which was created in order to provide online consultations for patients all over the world that potentially saves money for a trip. The most important factor is that medical consultations are coming not from random people but from well-know and qualified doctors from different parts of the world.


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