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External Sources of Recruitment

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Recruitment is a main responsibility of HR-managers or recruiters

It is a process of finding and attracting new employees. There two ways of finding and choosing a candidate from different sources. These are internal and external ones. Although internal sources have their advantages and are more reliable, the external sources can be more useful in particular situations. The organization decides for itself.

The external sources have their upsides and downsides

It is important to realize what is good in this type of sources. First of all, external sources help to find a candidate with new fresh ideas and conceptions. It may have a positive influence on the working process in company. This innovative approach can be the solution of any existing problem, can increase the income and productivity in the company. Moreover, sometimes there is lack of specialists in  particular questions. The external sources give the opportunity of finding such people.

Even though, the external sources allow finding a new candidate, which may bring benefits to the company, there are also some disadvantages of using such sources of recruitment. The main disadvantage is the high cost of attracting new employees. All the methods of this type require pretty much money for advertising, recruiting, interviewing and hiring. Also, it may be a time-consuming process. In addition to that, the new person in a company may have some problems with the company traditions or its loyalty policy. It is even worth, if they do not manage to find the common language or to join  the team which already have been working together for a long time.

So, by hiring a person in a result of the external sources of recruitment, it is important to remember all pros and cons of this process. Furthermore, it makes sense to realize both factors the value of the new person  what particular contribution he or she can make, and the negative moments which may be the result of the presence of the new member in the team.

Buy custom External Sources of Recruitment essay

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