Progressive Delivery – Features and Benefits

There is no better way to manage a large and/or unwieldy paper (e.g., one that is 20+ pages double-spaced or 10+page single-spaced) than by getting it delivered progressively – a service commonly referred to as progressive delivery. This, of course, is a service that offers.    

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What Benefits Will You Get?

  • Your order will be written by the most highly skilled writers at and checked by our best and most meticulous editors.
  • Great way of managing and tracking orders– since this method makes the process a great deal easier. Receiving a paper in manageable portions gives the recipient sufficient time to check the individual parts – they may immediately approve or require revisions – before they finally have to submit their entire paper
  • Once an order is submitted through our system, we assign it to a manager with proven experience to supervise and oversee the process from beginning to end. While the writing process is underway, it is likely the customer and the person working on their paper will need to engage in two-way communication. It is the job of the manager assigned to a particular order to ensure contact is fast and seamless and it is also their responsibility to ensure the customer’s instructions are meticulously followed and that the standard paper is completed to exceeds the customer’s expectations.
  •  Plenty time to ask to revise our work at no additional cost to the customer. While the time allowed for free revisions for regular orders is a mere 2 days, customers have 30 days with this method. 

How drafts are delivered and when*:

  • Customer sets deadline at 4 days or less: delivers 25% of completed assignment upon expiration of 50% of deadline. Simplified, this means the customer receives the first portion of their order (5 pages) when 1 day of their deadline has expired and their original order is for 20 pages with a deadline of 4 days.             
  • Customer sets deadline at 5 to 11 days: delivers 25% of completed assignment upon expiration of 25% of deadline and 50% of completed paper upon expiration of 50% of deadline.      
  • Customer sets deadline at 12 days or 12+ days: delivers 25% of completed assignment upon expiration of 25% of deadline; 50% of completed assignment upon expiration of 50% of deadline; and 75% of completed paper upon expiration of 75% of deadline.

This special service does not cost much more (just +15%) than our standard delivery method.

* can deliver a customer’s order in other ways if the arrangement described above does not fit their requirements. The manager overseeing the order will consider the customer’s particular circumstances and develop a plan to meet their unique needs. All that is required is for the customer to contact their assigned manager to discuss their situation. 

Additional Services for Papers Less than 20 Pages

Summaries will be pleased to provide single-page summaries of a customer’s paper (e.g., several pages condensed concisely into one page) if required. These 1-page summaries are provided in the style of a synopsis showing the reader – at a glance – the key points from the entire paper. If you are required to report periodically to your tutor, you are likely to find this service very helpful and, indeed, highly recommends it to those with reporting needs.   


The writers at can let customers have a draft of the papers they order if and when required. We supply drafts as either a) documents containing 600 words (single-spaced) or b) documents containing 300 words (double-spaced) and they can be sent when we reach the half-way stage (the 50% stage) of a deadline. So, say, the customer’s deadline is 4 days it will be possible for us to release a draft once 2 days of this time has expired. 

Extended Time for Revision

Once an order is placed through’s website, the person who places it is entitled to ask for a revision at no further cost to themselves, provided they make their request within a specific time of taking delivery of their order i.e. within 48 hours. If a customer chooses to purchase the “extended revision” service, they will be given 14 days (rather than 2) in which to submit free revision requests.

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